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April 28, 2017

DJ J Heat "Transit" 

One of the sickest East Coast club cuts in quite some time comes from this Jersey kid, out now on Night Slugs. Devastating Crazy Train headbanger styles, put your dome down and plow through the neverending bleakness of existence. All aboard! SOUNDCLOUD

Kazuhiko Kato "Arthur Hakase No Jinriki Hikouki"

Off of a new comp of 70s Japanese rock and folk curated in part by Jake Orral of the great Jeff The Brotherhood. Here we got some ill slowburn gentle fuzz majesty. Life. YOUTUBE

Show Me The Body & Moor Mother "Everything Hate (here)"

Jammed this one on my radio show this week, more uncompromising American music from two young units powering through the bullshit. Every single day there is a war inside of my head. SOUNDCLOUD

Obnox “Hardcore Matinee”

Never know what to expect from Obnox, and I mean that in the best way possible. Moving between damaged garage, rap and beyond, this guy is on his own shit completely. You might even go as far as to call it rap rock. I feel a deep kinship. This new one is almost Dilla-influenced, and on the mellower side of his range. SOUNDCLOUD

G Perico “All Blue”

Another great song from another great LA rapper. The rumors are true: Southern California has a good rap scene. Excited for the next G Perico full length. YOUTUBE


Judge Jules "Slinkys 1998-04-12"

You know that I am truly a pathetic wreck when I start posting pop trance mixes like this one from the king of late 90s England, pretty much. Bask in the breakdown glory. Bask in the demented breakdown glory. YOUTUBE

April 21, 2017

Fat Tony "Drive Thru"

Boxxx Report friend and just all around great American rapper and person Fat Tony coming through with an instant classic. Rap songs about fast food are near and dear to my heart and this one hits the shortlist. Makes me wanna be on tour in Oklahoma with Pekka eating a ton of Whataburger after a weird gig at a goth bar inside of an office building. YOUTUBE

The Brainz "Terra"

Amazing recently reissued psych-punk from 79 with just some straight up nutso sick synth work, mate. When it kicks, it kicks: this is pure alien leather jacket blastoff music. I'm losing my mind, too much Nescafe in my system at all times. YOUTUBE

Royal Destruction "Water In The Flower Pot"

Keeping things on that throwback tip, this vicious piece of year 1990 random rap insanity was posted by legendary Milwaukee noise head Mike Mildew. Full-on manic mode with a sick "Billie Jean" flip. 121 views on YouTube at the time of writing. YOUTUBE

Glintshake "Quarter to Five"

Russian party punk flex that keeps building and building until it erupts into a totally wired freakout perfect for solo bedroom spazz sessions. From 2015, but fresh for 2K17 no doubt. YOUTUBE

Lil Peep "Crybaby"

My guy Travis Pictureplane took me to a Lil Peep gig last Monday and I gotta say, it blew my mind. Pure millennial carnage: kids hitting selfies as they stagedove and a ton of emo vocals on top of hard 808 drums. At one point, Peep just sang over a Blink 182 song, not even the instrumental. Just the album recording. I was so inspired I wrote a song about the artist and his fans the next day. YOUTUBE


Swing Ting "NTS Radio April 15 2017"

I post a lot of NTS radio stuff here, and it’s not just because this great London station is home to The Boxxx Report Radio (airing next Tuesday at 11:00 a.m. EST) but because I actually listen to it all the time. The newest Swing Ting set is an example of true mix show excellence, moving through all sorts of high energy club styles with enough surprises to make you do a spit take with your Dunkaccino. NTS

April 14, 2017

Neon Hunk “Uncle David”

Lemme just say a big RIP to Load Records, which was probably the most important underground rock label of my youth. Neon Hunk are my all-time favorite Milwaukee band and kind of acted as an entry point to so much insane life-changing 2000s era freakout culture. They still carry an allure that can only come from stumbling onto a mysterious Angelfire website at the age of 15 and straight up having your mind blown. Say it again: RIP Load Records. YOUTUBE

Finn "Lightwork (Feat. Fox)"

Smoothed out party sh!t from a new UK imprint pushing fun dance music. Has that DJ Slugo "Smoke-N-Ride" style rugged clean bounce to clear out your twisted skull so you can just fucking drink that milkshake in peace. Getting into this new Kendrick as I type. SOUNDCLOUD

Boosie Badazz "Fuck The Police x10"

Times ten. Boosie coming through with some militant vicious anti-cop rap for 2017, part of a proud tradition. No bullshit. YOUTUBE

That Dog "Minneapolis"

Saw Vice Cooler post something on social media about scoping a That Dog reunion gig on the occasion of twenty years of "Retreat From The Sun" and that made me think about this classic tune. "I was at The Jabberjaw..." I mean, come on. YOUTUBE

Future "Mask Off (DJ Taj Jersey Club Version Feat. JDub)"

The #maskoffchallenge has been one of the few things keeping me sane as of late. Social media seems pretty dark right now so whenever I see kids being creative and having fun you know I'm siked. Plus alto sax over hard 808s is just gonna sound sick. Anyways, Taj dropped this remix last Saturday and it bangs. Melody fried into brainzone for life. YOUTUBE


Finn "Slam The Door On The Y2K16"

This might be a Boxxx Report first, but I'm throwing two bones to this UK head in one newsletter. Fuck it, I can do whatever I want, this is The Boxxx Report, I rule over this heaping mound of shit. I've been sleeping on Finn but no longer because this is a sick mix that touches on a lot of my favorite micro-zones. For the past five years, so much dance music has been straight up tedious and boring. Not this. Never forget Dre Skull and I made "Sweat" in 2007. SOUNDCLOUD

April 7, 2017

Fit of Body “56k”

OK here is some brand new ILL hip house from Fit of Body, representing for Atlanta’s Harsh Riddims crew. Sounds fucking amazing to hear timeless ATL rap attitude over deep house chords. Single of the week. SOUNDCLOUD

Baby Blue "A Feeling Of Love"

Found this gem right at the top of Andy Noble's sick soundcloud account full of rarities. Some quick research shows that this is a Midwest record from '77, but despite the year is much closer to Beat Happening than The Clash. Very nice light touch guitar pop for neverending American misery. SOUNDCLOUD

Soichi Terada "Saturday Love Sunday"

I'll admit that I slept on the Terada "Sounds of the Far East" greatest hits comp that dropped a few years back, but now that I'm in... It has been on nonstop full burn over at Boxxx Report HQ. This Alexander O'Neal/Cherrelle flip kicks the shit off, but the whole record is amazing Japanese deep house that transcends its influences in a subtle powerful way. YOUTUBE

Gardenside "Racecar Bed"  

Gardenside come thru with the ill late-1990s power pop moves, a bit like the cuttier end of the Drive Thru Records catalog, if I may go deep with you people. (Local Milwaukee heroes The Benjamins "Bordering On Boredom" is a good one sure to be revived for some future Killed By Death-style comp focusing on Weezer worship emopop. I played their reunion show.) Is this band from So-Cal? No doubt. YOUTUBE

Farewell My Concubine "Shadow Style"  

1/2 Angels In America slow cooking up some headphone pop perfect for grey day NYC spring. And when the progressive house-style piano vamp kicks in towards the end, that is when you know Mark is going for that perfect score on Class is in session. SOUNDCLOUD


Big Jay Pyrex Radio & DJ Wookie "Still N Da Streetz Vol. 1"

Drink in this brand new Baton Rouge scene report filled with rising locals and good rapping. One highlight is the anthemic "These Streets Ain't Friends With Nobody" by BiggDawg C-Loc. Emotional American music. AUDIOMACK

March 31, 2017

Dog "Cybrog Messiah"

The spirit of rainbow rock is still alive in this trio, kicking it with a positive punk spirit that you fuckers just can't kill. The family dynamic/octave pedal combo is an eternally potent brew. Shit, it's what I grew up with. Macula Dog, Dogs In Ecstasy and Dog make up what I am going to call the "Dog Band Rainbow Rock Resistance Triangle." Defend at all costs. BANDCAMP

Cam'ron "10,000 Miles"

No lie, I've had visions of Cam rapping over "A Thousand Miles" by Vanessa Carlton for like a decade now. The fact that it is actually manifesting itself in real life is making me question everything. This is a beautiful moment in a world full of shit. YOUTUBE

Bad Daddies "How Do You Like Your Coffee"

Tough noise pop with just the right EFX shatter. I have no idea what I’m doing with my life. Sitting in an office building. Staring into space. Gonna make that shirt that says "DIY RUINED MY LIFE." BANDCAMP

Taylor Girlz (Feat. Trinity Taylor) "Steal Her Man"

The energy here is unstoppable, people. Still staying strong from the fall into the winter into the spring. Fuck it, let's keep this going for what is sure to be a confusing summer.  I don't know anything anymore. Focus on the music. YOUTUBE

Otobokebeaver "S'il Vous Plait (Damnably 2017)"

This band is no stranger to The Boxxx Report. Timeless garage action damage from Japan. Someday we will meet again. Straight up: I miss Japan. YOUTUBE


Wolf Eyes "NTS London 3/23/17"

The greatest hits of all time as seen through the Wolf Eyes twisted Americana legend lens. A perfect blend for that neverending darkness. One channel is out on the earbuds. The demons are gonna rot your brain. Sunny day in London, the skaters are in the mix. NTS

March 24, 2017

Fred The Godson (Feat. Jaquae) "Just A Friend 2017"

Waking up in the morning can be hard. Just trying to face the day is tough enough. Yo, life is fucked up! We all deserve this middling Biz Markie remake. Not a knock on Fred, but if this was a straight Jaquan song it might actually be sicker? I have no any idea about anything anymore. YOUTUBE

Fleetwood Mac "Beautiful Child"

Sometimes I listen to "Tusk" and I straight up can't believe how perfect it is. I just play it over and over again. I look into the distance and I try my hardest to let all the self-hatred wash away. But it never does. It never does. YOUTUBE

TRONICBOX "Whaat 85 (A. G. Cook Edit)"

Last Sunday, I had an insanely big ball of wax removed from my right ear by a medical professional. After a few days of near deafness, I could finally hear again. What I'm trying to say is that this edit of a remix of a Justin Bieber song is sounding pretty good right now. SOUNDCLOUD

Raekwon (Feat. Ghostface Killah) "This Is What It Comes Too"

Listen motherfuckers, I will always have time for these two rapping over the Synthetic Substitution break. Mean chorus. Eternal masterclass. SOUDCLOUD

Lily and Horn Horse "PVC Pipes"

Fractured casio damage featuring 1/3 Palberta. Thrift store keyboard rolls into a pseudo-Dilla pocket for true 2017 twee confusion sick style. I love music and I don't care who knows it. BANDCAMP


Spinbad "90s Megamix"

Can you even comprehend the concept of the mash-up? You fucking kids probably don't even remember party photographers. You think Cobrasnake is that guy who beat Stephen Miller in a school election. I don't know what I'm trying to say, I'm an idiot, the Spinbad 80s mix is more "important" but I remember when this thing came out. He dropped a Jerky Boys vocal sample straight into Sublime "What I Got." I will always respect that. SOUNDCLOUD

March 17, 2017

Killa Dogg (Feat. Uncle Murda & Maino) “OPP”

Here is something new: a true Boxxx Report Mystery. Strap yourself in for a dumbass ride through the mind of a loser. Let’s take it from the top: I first heard what I’m pretty sure was Uncle Murda rapping over “O.P.P” on Hot 97 late last Sunday during Drewski’s mix show. Sensing 100 percent Boxxx Report fire, I quickly opened up Shazam in an attempt to figure out just what the fuck I was listening to. No dice. 

The next day, I conducted some lengthy google experiments. From that, all I could find was one page of results listing a mysterious track that has been popping up on a few scattered radio playlists and request forms: “OPP” by the equally mysterious rapper Killa Dogg, featuring Uncle Murda and Maino. 

The fuck? There are many questions but no answers. Mainly: who is Killa Dogg? I found a small amount of evidence suggesting a potentially Angolan rapper, but it is unclear if there is any connection, especially since I only heard a fraction of the song right as I was turning on Hot 97, almost like a dream… I even tried to tweet at Drewski. No response. Pathetic.

“OPP” exists, I’m not tripping, maybe Killa Dogg is a new insider rap illuminati creation and this is a secret ploy for “organic” viral radio infamy riding on the back of one of the most legendary party songs of all time. I have no idea, all I know is that I haven’t felt this way since I was 12 and I happened to catch a once only hard house/freestyle mix show on my local college radio station that has stayed in my brain for almost two decades.

There seems to be one station in Charleston, WV that is playing the song once or twice a day, so I've been tuning in on the off chance that I might catch it. I even put in a few requests. What the fuck is wrong with me? Anyways, to make a long story short, I just finally fucking heard this song, like five minutes ago. It exists. From what I can discern, Killa Dog is indeed an American rapper with a loose, youthful flow. It is a straight Naughty By Nature flip with a good chorus. I still can't find anything else about this song or rapper on the internet. I repeat: what the fuck is wrong with me? WRVZ-FM REQUEST FORM

Sleaford Mods "Snout (Live 100 Club London 11/11/2016)"

It's outrageous: this band keeps making great records. Here is a live version of a standout from their new one, which is titled "English Tapas." Sleaford Mods are pretty much 101 at this point. YOUTUBE

Tonka Toy “What’s Keepin It Real”

There is no doubt that we are living in dark, confusing times. Louisiana spitter Tonka Toy is here for you. “What’s keeping it real? I don’t even know no more.” The intention might've been local, but I think we can all feel that sentiment, no matter what the zip code of our closest McDonalds. YOUTUBE

Jon Johnson "With You"

Extreme 2017 twee damage from this Portland kid, the highlight of a split tape with another fellow by the name of Nick Normal. We like to mix it up here at The Boxxx Report, fuck with a little twee, why not. BANDCAMP

OMB Peezy “Loyalty Over Love”

OMB Peezy seems to be the 2017 consensus choice buzz bin rapper, and who am I to fight against the tide? I like him too, and I hope that he gets really popular and successful, because I am not some confused nerd whose entire identity is tethered to “discovering” artists and then shitting on them once they start to get some traction. As a working rager for well over a decade, I think it is a beautiful thing whenever someone can function in this complex web of shit that we call life. They are going to destroy all of your dreams but you gotta keep on running. YOUTUBE


Zora Jones “FACT Mix 592”

A nice balance of club fun and measured new school experimentation that will probably become even more fun when watered down by some teenager and then blasted at a frat party. Working on a new magazine called “Keg Stand Observer.” I’m losing it, someone airlift me the fuck out of New York City. SOUNDCLOUD

March 10, 2017

Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band "Prove It All Night (Live in Tempe 1980)"

Time passes, idealism erodes, self-hatred deepens. Confusion and dread fucks up your life to the point where there is no return from the madness inside your head. The only master is the music. Welcome to The Boxxx Report. YOUTUBE

Dusa "Straight Facts"

This brand new melodic power Baton Rouge rap song led me to an equally good 2K15 Dusa cut called "Cold World." I'm a goddamn idiot, but even my feeble brain can understand and appreciate the emotional intensity of good American music. YOUTUBE

Kate Fagan "I Don't Wanna Be Cool"

Perfect 1980 damaged new wave single from the future singer of Heavy Manners, a cutty Chicago ska band that a young Boxxx fucked with back in his pre-tween rudeboy days.  Reissued last summer on the quality Brooklyn archival label Manufactured. YOUTUBE

Mal Devisa "Daisy"

Mal Devisa was powerful live in concert last Saturday at Babycastles video arcade and do-it-yourself live music venue in New York City. This one was a standout, soulful ESG-ish bass popping into fuzzed out anthemic zones, all in under 2 minutes. BANDCAMP

Black Pus "High Tide"

Lifer OG back with a post-rainbow rock blast for your stupid skull. Close your eyes, keep your headphones tight and walk into the ocean with all of your clothes on. BANDCAMP


Chris Reed "Notorious BIG 'Ready to Die' 20th Anniversary Mixtape"

This tasteful Wax Poetics-approved mix from two years ago did really positive things for me today. I can't help but think it will do positive things for anyone, anytime, anyday. MIXCLOUD

March 3, 2017

Sam Hunt "Body Like A Back Road (Mr. Collipark Remix)"

I do not post nearly enough country rap type music on The Boxxx Report, and that is a mistake. As an apology, please enjoy this anthemic Collipark remix of one of the biggest in the game. If you go deep enough on YouTube, you will find a live version of the country rap song I wrote with Bob Orral and the Canadian brother/sister duo The Reklaws. AUDIOMACK

Choo Choo (Feat. T-lo x Lil Rae x Level) "Poot Fot"

This is just the kind of eternal high octane important insanity American music that keeps me from squatting in my parents basement and force-feeding myself pop tarts until I am committed to a mental hospital for the first time since 12. Do you know what I mean? YOUTUBE

The Sonics "Psycho"

Speaking of me losing my mind... I play this after "Poot Fot" and in my head create a singular alternate USA rock and roll freakout continuum that stretches through time and space. OK, goodnight. YOUTUBE

Divorce "Tea Lizard's Lament"

More office party breakbeat hijinks from NYC's Sweat Equity camp. This cut is sick but to be perfectly honest I'm ready for that full-on breakcore revival because I am a developmentally stunted 30 year old idiot. SOUNDCLOUD

XBXRX "Live Scsi Cell, Den Haag February 3 2002"

OK I'm sensing a bit of a theme on this week's episode of The Boxxx Report. I know most of you tune out when I start yapping about weird early-2000s fringe spazzout heroes, but this set is only 11 minutes long and a perfect encapsulation of the positive youth damage spirit that this unit was laying down back in the day. Drink it in. YOUTUBE


Doctor Jeep & Star Eyes "Jungle Daze Mix"

Just a great hype jungle mix from two deep heads. Try and talk me out of getting a shamrock shake right here, right now. Talk me down. SOUNDCLOUD

February 24, 2017

Jim Jones (Feat. Axel Leon) "Bando"

The Funkmaster Flex interview with Jim Jones took things into inspiring Marc Maron territory (Jimmy cries) and hot on the heels of that comes this single, driven by the burning spirit of Roc Nation and a nasty bassline. HOT NEW HIP HOP

C.C.T.V. "Bob - Ee"

I love this band. They are kind of a perfect band. Small town dance music supreme--when I shut my eyes tight and open up my heart, I am in a Midwest basement and not New York City. I'm just out here taking it one day at a goddamn time. YOUTUBE

Wolf Eyes "Undertow"

Very good new one from the ultimate American electronic roadhouse blues crew. "Undertow" is a late night creeper perfect for paranoid snack runs. Can't wait for the full length. SOUNDCLOUD

DJ Lag "Ice Drop"

This is really sick and exciting in that very specific way that only minimal tracky banging music can be. I spend most of my hours listening to rap and Prince and pop punk so I forget that sometimes, you know? YOUTUBE

Dillinger Four "Live At The Orpheum 9-20-02"

Speaking of pop punk bands, here is a good live set from probably the best one of the 2000s, kicking it at the height of their powers. I remember seeing D4 a number of times around this general period and although the set here captures all the singalong antics and madness that I remember, unfortunately Paddy only gets halfway naked. The band's first few LPs remain Boxxx Report classics. YOUTUBE


Ross Allen & Terry Farley on NTS

Terry Farley going deep on some heavy soulboy history knowledge and playing only classic records. If you have an unhealthy fascination with the minute details of UK subculture and fashion/music synthesis, warts and all, trip out on this shit. NTS

February 17, 2017

Skullflower “A walk through english woods by water”

A lot of people out there making experimental music need to bow down to the real rock and roll heroes doing it the sick way. Case in point: the legendary Skullflower coming through with a full-on earbud brain rearranger that has more in common with the Spacemen than post-grad, if you can feel me? I listened to this as I read a terrifying article about an expert in military “killology” currently training cops all over this fucked up land. A brutal one two punch. BANDCAMP

Redman "Quiet Storm Freestyle (2002)"

Around the same time as his legendary MTV cribs episode, Redman also dropped this freestyle over a Mobb Deep classic on Tim Westwood's radio show. The world is a fucked up confusing place. AUDIOMACK

Janitor Scum "Downtown"

Casio fueled and noisy one piece punk, with a tone bordering at times on Scissor Girls-style no wave, but always catchy. Really catchy. Boxxx Report says: “pick!” BANDCAMP

Liquid City Motors "Call The Specialists In"

I could be off on the details, but I'm pretty sure I heard this at like 5 a.m. on New Years Day at Cactus Club. Very good blown out breakbeat choon, you know I'm always siked to see some local Milwaukee kids making their mark on the world. THUMP

Aminé "Caroline"

Been casually aware of this great rap song for some time now, but things really went to that "the next, next level" for me when I heard it on the radio in a car a few weeks ago in LA. You know that feeling when a song has been bubbling in your brain for a bit and then you hear it in a slightly unexpected location and everything really clicks? It's a good feeling. YOUTUBE


Raji Rags "Prince Tribute on NTS"

Prince finally goes on streaming and what do I do? I listen to an all-Prince radio special. Just kidding, I'm streaming too. And I'm not even gonna mention some of the bootlegs that I've recently come across. Basically, I'm just listening to a lot of Prince. Thanks, Bruno? MIXCLOUD

February 10, 2017

OMB Peezy "Lay Down"

It seems like the rap music internet is freaking out over this young rapper from Alabama. And, I gotta say, I like it too. Thick timeless swamp slap with Boosie-ish melodic punk nasal leaping over the beat. From Mobile, home of the legendary spazz unit XBXRX. SOUNDCLOUD

Kyle Mabson and Jonathan Snipes Present: Flute Puns "One Flute Over the Cuckoo's Nest"

It simply wouldn't be right I didn't show this some love on "The Report." One might say a release like "Flute Puns" hints at the true essence of life. Two LA legends combining forces on a deep Bandcamp insanity ride. BANDCAMP

Booji Boys "Booji Boys"

50 second Devo-referencing title track rager that is doing the damn thing for me right now. I'm going insane in the USA! BANDCAMP

Bigbang "We Like 2 Party"

Yesterday Schwarz sent me a block rockin' Kpop hop track and you better believe I had to chuck it up on this piece of shit newsletter. Rapping in a Jeep with your friends: it does not get any better. YOUTUBE

Jonnie Frierson "Have You Been Good To Yourself"

I'm all alone thinking about my dumbass life and my wasted 20s. What do I have to show for anything besides self-hate and regret? Rarely do I get the urge to do a cover, but this is one of the best songs I've heard in a long time. Somehow reminds me of Jonathan Richman. YOUTUBE


DJ Scud "Not Playing By The Rules 1995 (aka "the-not-as-good-as-the-'94 mix")

More abrasive 90s rave music? No doubt. As Scud himself points out, this mix zones in on a bit of a transitional era in the game. So that means styles approaching proto-breakcore, abstract acid and all sorts of other gabber-inflected madness. Noisy as fuck, kind of hard to place and sick. SOUNDCLOUD

February 3, 2017

Cousin Cole "Fuck Donald Trump (CC Party Break 2)"

Here is some political music that I think we can all get behind: YG's classic moshed up over all the eternal bangers, Crooklyn Clan style. "Fuck Donald Trump" over "Ante Up," "Fuck Donald Trump" over "Made You Look," "Fuck Donald Trump" over "Be Faithful." SOUNDCLOUD

Sonny and Linda Sharrock "Live on French Television October 3, 1970" 

True spiritual freakout masters doing their thing at the highest level. Crucial, now more than ever. YOUTUBE

Yellow Tears "The Ride"

Audio artifact from that one time the legendary Far Rockaway noise trio Yellow Tears just straight up built a two story waterslide in their backyard, complete with audio triggers and a terrifying post-run crawlzone. I went down the slide and honestly? It changed my life. SOUNDCLOUD

Mall Grab "2 B Reel"

Jacking, dumb, obvious Cheryl Lynn house flip from last fall... Why not? No lie, I might have to just fuckin' take that Deadmau5 masterclass. No going back. YOUTUBE

Operation Ivy "Take Warning"

I don't know anymore, I have nothing smart or insightful to say, I'm just trying to get up every morning and not completely fuck up my life. I've been listening to a lot of Operation Ivy lately. YOUTUBE


Lenny Dee Vs. Ron D Core "Live @ Operation 2 2X4 Turntable Assault Team - Face A - 1996"

Found an inspiring Instagram account this week called Map Pointz Project that is all archival 90s So-Cal rave footage. Digging into that got me digging into YouTube and now I'm listening to this all-star gabber throwdown. The Boxxx Report keeps on going but I'm not really sure why. YOUTUBE

January 27, 2017

Show Me The Body "Trash"

NYC's best punk rap band in full on digi-hardcore mode, throwing down in face of true madness. Fuck this garbage world. YOUTUBE

Black Box "Everybody Everybody (Rockapella Mix)"

If I'm not mistaken, some time ago Colin Self posted this on some sort of social media channel and I filed it away for a rainy day. Well I guess when it rains it pours because things are extremely bleak and we could all use some positivity. Play this on loop. YOUTUBE

True Heads "Barbara Ann"

A Providence supergroup cranking out the hits with style to spare. Instant classic wacky band. The Boxxx Report supports all you wacky bands out there. Not enough wacky bands. SOUNDCLOUD

TLC (Feat. Clipse) "Hands Up (So So Def Club Mix)"

Hard to know exactly what to do or say anymore, so I'm just going to leave this 2002 So So Def Club Mix of a TLC song right here. You can find me in the corner booth of a Yum Yum Donuts, curled up in a ball. YOUTUBE

DJ Demasidao X Schwarz "Screw Our President"

Extremely sick brand new political 'ardcore from two of the best. Times like these really call for some gabber. Part of a proud tradition. BANDCAMP


"DJ Shoulders: The Documentary"

I know this isn't technically a mix but fuck it, life is fucked, who cares. If you watch anything today, it should probably be this. There is a lot to say about the heartland freakout legend known as DJ Shoulders... This documentary hits it all on the head. A crucial document of 2K's-style funtime damage. Highlights include footage from the 2003 Paper Rad/Beige tour at The General Store and a heartwarming sequence where Shoulders jams "Eye Of The Tiger" on Jack FM while driving and eating a Filet-O-Fish. YOUTUBE

January 20, 2017

Wasn't gonna do a report on this dark day, but decided to simply post a "playlist" of a few songs that have been helping me instead. Try to hold on to your sanity. It's very hard.

Neil Young and Crazy Horse "Walk Like A Giant"

Blackalicious "Swan Lake"

Dead Moon "Dead Moon Night"

DJ Screw/20-2-Life "Inside Looking Out"

Clouddead "Dead Dogs Two (Boards Of Canada Remix)"

Finally Punk "Negative Creep"

The Notations "I'm Still Here"

January 13, 2017

Pharmakon "Transmission"

Over the holidays I impulse bought some Japanese earbuds based on a wild hyped up tech website review that used EDM as a primary audio reference. 40 bux. Was it worth it? I have no idea, but I gotta say, this new Pharmakon sounds pretty crisp. I feel a deep sense of confusion and dread. YOUTUBE

The Lox "What Else Do You Need To Know"

Another week of The Boxxx Report and another week where I feel the need to apologize to you for posting some weird middling contemporary NYC rap. "Puff played me the Benjamins, I thought it was wack/wrote a verse/next day I brought New York back." What the fuck is wrong with me? YOUTUBE

Sophie "Get Higher"

Wasn't really clocking that UK hyperpop crew too heavy in 2K16, but this deep cut off of a Japanese import (weird theme this week, I miss Tokyo) is one of the better manifestations of the style I've come across in a minute. Catchy with nice Aphex-ish synth ornaments and a good, stupid drop. Whatever, why not. YOUTUBE

Sleaford Mods "B.H.S."

Let me keep it 100 with you people: Sleaford Mods are the best band to come out of England since Oasis. Fuck it, I'm a true fan. YOUTUBE

Robin Williams On Fire "Drugs"

Alright let's take it back and fucking jam some mid-2K's left coast freakout rock. When I played with this band at The Smell in 2K7 they got naked and covered Limp Bizkit. I believe Mabson sat in on bass. Set was under 10 minutes. From the "Jungle Gym Of Crucifixes" 7 inch. BANDCAMP


Marley Marl "WBLS Radio 1989 - Ultramagnetic MC's and 3rd Bass"

There is very little rhyme or reason to the stupid Boxxx Report. Case in point: I have no clue why I'm posting this ill late 80s Marley Marl tape rip, but I'm fuckin' doing it anyways. Featuring a monumental Kool Keith freestyle, I guess that's reason enough. YOUTUBE

January 6, 2017

Justin LaFonta (Feat. Big Freedia) "Bounce TV :60"

In this effed world, you gotta take happiness where you can find it. Please enjoy this television ad for New Orleans-based personal injury lawyer and former Louisiana Democratic State Representative Justin LaFonta, featuring original music from the American music legend Big Freedia. YOUTUBE

Gods Wisdom & Lucy "On Thin Ice"

My god these two came through with the tweaked out maniacal singular dubby insanity on their new EP. 2017 post punk from two kids currently scalding YouTube screens and freakout basements up and down the Eastern Seaboard. YOUTUBE

Manolo Rose "Ball Drop"

I've been listening to Flex pretty much every night, so obviously my vision is clouded. Even so, I can't help but think that New York rap isn't in a bad place. "Last year I had the four door, this year I'm on some coup shit." Don't even get me started on that Uncle Murda 2K16 wrapup. SOUNDCLOUD

Seal "Kiss From a Rose (Murlo Refix)"

Slam a ton of fast food, drop some PM Alka-Seltzer and throw this fucker on as you drift away to another numbing night of anxiety sleep. Fresh new remix float from one of the best in the UK. SOUNDCLOUD

Mommy "Learning In The Bathroom"

I come to music at my own pace. There is so much and I’m just wandering around the internet like a stoned kid at “Gathering Of The Vibes.” The newest Mommy record dropped early last Fall and is very exciting. My love for fuzz bass is eternal and I will prove it on my next record, which has been mostly finished for a minute now. Somehow I am reminded of my high school bass/drums band The Boolean Condition, which was going for Load Records but probably ended up sounding more like some deeply confused outsider screamo. Someone once told me the Maximumrockandroll review of our demo said we sounded like "12-year-olds trying to play technical music" but I've never actually read it. BANDCAMP


DJ Dibiase x Sean Falyon "Snap Or Die Vol 1"

Happened upon this while trying and failing to find the Low Budget and Deluxxx mixtape of the same name, but this one is does the trick. Classic Americana that defined my coming-of-age. File under: "the good shit." SOUNDCLOUD 

December 30, 2016

Neil Young "My New Robot"

Alright, alright, this is maybe the best song of 2K16. The perfect uncanny valley contemporary style flip from a master. "I got my new robot from amazon dot com." Genius. YOUTUBE

Easy Business "Check The Flavor"

Classic 500 hit holiday boredom hip hop stumble. Has the forward rhyme energy that I crave plus absolutely huge goon chant chorus and an overall super catchy Duck Down-meets-Onyx feel. From Germany, too? Took me down some wild German hip hop TV wormholes... YOUTUBE

Hanin Elias "Girl Serial Killer"

Let's continue far far away from that E.O.T.Y recap tip and keep things in Germany for a second. Late 90s solo insanity from a member of Atari Teenage Riot. Why not? YOUTUBE

Paco Troxclair "Going Duffy"

Thank god I clicked on this while skimming Noz's 2016 top 50, because otherwise I would've missed out on a modern New Orleans classic. I believe in the power of American music and I will attempt to locate that spirit by any means. YOUTUBE

Lil B x Metro Boomin "My House"

This is obviously an important record and if you are reading The Boxxx Report I probably don't have to tell you that. Bone Thugs sample flip soul saver for an icy heartland morning. YOUTUBE


Micky Finn "Fantasia 1992 (Full Set)"

Why this mix out of the millions of brilliant 90s breakbeat frenzy tape rips available on YouTube? I got some words for you motherfucker: Rick-O-Shea The Dancing Robot. As in: "are you ready for Rick-O-Shea The Dancing Robot?" Audio only. Two robot refs in one Boxxx Report? Happy New Year, I've lost my mind. Release the hardcore. YOUTUBE

December 23, 2016

DJ Assault "Pitbull"

The decades pass and the legendary DJ Assault continues to crank out music, occasionally connecting with something special. "Pitbull" does the trick, a truly insane jack-a-ton that makes good use of dog bark samples. On a related note, I recommend that everyone go check out the Beige Records "Raving With DJ Assault" website from the early 2K's. JEFFERSON AVE 

Holy Shit! "I Hate This Stupid World Because It Sucks Like Hell"

The title says it all but with that said I will say this: Holy Shit! have been the best punk band in Wisconsin for over 15 years. A very special basement spazz, still going strong today. Here's to another 15. BANDCAMP

The Body & Full of Hell “One Day You Will Ache Like I Ache”

I'm not the deepest “extreme music” head but this one is hitting. Deep fried darkness with some ill electronics: listen on big goofy headphones and push through that panic attack. 2K16 bleakcore classic from some heads that have been in it for a minute. Gotta say... Sort of a weird holiday Boxxx Report. YOUTUBE

Dam-Funk "'Tis The Season"

Let's fucking lighten the mood with a 2K10 jam from the one and only Dam-Funk. I'm in my parents basement chugging nog until I get a fucking stomach ache. Life. SOUNDCLOUD

Kanye West "Through The Wire"

Cozy and emotional classic that will always feel like the holidays to me. We are all fucked up losers just fumbling through the darkness trying to figure things out one day at a time. I've been trying really hard to change my life and it's no fun. Stay positive over the holidays. YOUTUBE


Queerhawk "2016 Xmas Bangers Mix"

Found this fun-loving mix on the Chinstroke Records facebook page. Heavy UK office party damage, like Brent after a few pints of cider doing the worm to the "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town" remix of "Turn Down For What." You know? SOUNDCLOUD

December 16, 2016

Busta Rhymes (Feat. Swizz Beatz) "AAAHHH!!!"

I think that NYC has forever fucked my head because I'm posting middling (yet undeniably banging) cuts like this over objectively better and more interesting new rap. Whatever, fuck it, 2016 is fucked, I'm fucked in the head. Busta Rhymes will always makes sense to me, let me live my fucking life. (Secretly I've mostly been listening to 21 Savage and doom metal.) AUDIOMACK

Palberta "Acoustic Rollup"

New heat from Palberta. Somehow I can't find a direct line for this one, so here is what you gotta do: click the link and then scroll down a bit, where you will find a stream tucked away under the single (which is good, too). It's all worth it for 50 seconds of perfect freaked out basement pop. IMPOSE

Those Guys "Love Love Love"

For my money, this 1996 Jean-Luc Pointy-sampling cut is one of the most beautiful house tracks ever made. Maurice Fulton is in The Boxxx Report hall of fame. Keep your head up and keep running, kids. YOUTUBE

Jay-Z "December 4th (Instrumental)"

Just trying to stay positive this holiday season, might freestyle over this cozy Just Blaze beat, who knows. Anything could happen. YOUTUBE

Angels USA "Smooth Move Ex-Lax"

To celebrate a near decade in the game, Angels In America filled their Bandcamp to the brim with archival madness, so you better throw on those goggles and do a deep dive. Here is something from their incredible "Angels USA" radio drama side project, which is better than most "alt-comedy" straight up. Narwhalz is on it. And Kudler. BANDCAMP


Doughboy Fresh "Shade 45 Takeover Mix"

This April 2K16 set sort of plays like a greatest hits mix of the Detroit rap group Doughboyz Cashout, who have a sick style all their own. The New Orleans/Bay Area feedback loop through frigid Midwestern air? I don't know. I believe Sebastian Demian was the first person to put me onto Doughboyz. Shout out to Sebastian. AUDIOMACK

December 9, 2016

Joey Casino "Now"

I played an Oakland warehouse show with Joey Casio in 2008. Great human. All of this hits close. If it wasn't for weird rooms there would be no Juiceboxxx. Don't make me try to explain America to you. This awful year continues to brutalize. Rest In Peace. YOUTUBE

Juelz Santana (Feat. Dave East, Bobby Shmurda and Rowdy Rebel) "Time Ticking"

When Flex plays this record you can pretty much guarantee that he will yell "this is what New York sounds like" a bunch and rewind it at least ten times. Been over a decade since "What The Game's Been Missing!" and Juelz is now on a reality show. Free Bobby. HOT NEW HIP HOP

Savoy Motel  "Sorry People"

Gotta say, been feeling this Savoy Motel LP. Garage rockers getting funky with interesting results. Featuring members of the great Heavy Cream. Funky. BANDCAMP

Siya "New York New York"

New York enough to throw the city in the title. New York enough to drop a Fabolous reference within the first 30 seconds. Makes me feel like it's 2006 and The Green Latern is playing back-to-back Papoose freestyles. A lot of NYC rap on this episode of The Boxxx Report. Totally unrelated, but I'm having a panic attack as I type this. SOUNDCLOUD

At The Drive-In "Governed By Contagions"

At The Drive-In were always an arena rock band. If they didn’t break up, who knows how crazy shit would’ve gotten, though listening to that one Paramore song might provide some clues. Anyways, their first new song in over 15 years feels pretty good to my forever stunted 14-year-old brain. I got love for both De La Rocha and Svenonius, if you can feel me. The future of Juiceboxxx: watch out. YOUTUBE


DJ Ayres "The Rub Hip Hop History 2003 Mix"

I’ve probably gone crazy over the past month, but I can’t stop thinking that the era roughly between 2003 and 2007 was maybe my personal “golden age” for rap music. I can’t help it, I was a teenager and the charts were mental. 2K3 was especially crucial for me, it was the year that I really stopped caring about backpacker rules and really started following my heart. There are many golden ages no doubt, whatever, music is great always, but this stuff is very important to me and this mix is a good primer. The Bush years were fucked. THE RUB

December 2, 2016

Keedy Black "Rock The Boat"

Some brand new ecstatic New Orleans dance music for everyone out there trying to take it one day at a time and keep the faith. Rock and roll will never die. YOUTUBE

Watery Love "Ned's Dreamcatcher"

This is just the kind of bleak-yet-catchy midtempo stomper that we need right now. I see no end to the brutality. "It'll happen to you, you're gonna die." BANDCAMP

Obnox "Molecule"

2014 cut from an overlooked Midwestern innovator. As someone who makes both rap and rock, you know I can fuck with this. There should probably be a million bands trying to connect the dots between Outkast and The Gories, but at least we got Obnox. SOUNDCLOUD

Odwalla88 "Purr Hi/Giggle (Lil Ugly Mane Remix)"

Here is some more Boxxx Report/Thunder Zone cross promotional synergy madness for you fux. The 7 inch is almost sold out. Important American freakout culture, 2016 style. YOUTUBE

YG "One Time Comin'"

They are going to shit on all of your dreams. Even if you try to do something positive, they will probably shit on that too. All I wanna do is make records and play shows. This is my favorite song off of the new YG tape. YOUTUBE


Dogs In Ecstasy "Fixins Mix Part 2"

From last year, but feels good right about now. The first Fixins mix was a fairly straightforward blend of contemporary country music. The followup is anything but. Strap yourself in. SOUNDCLOUD

November 25, 2016

Mozzy "Perk Calling"

It's a sick, sad world out there, people. God knows nobody is looking to my dumb ass for politics, but at the very least The Boxxx Report can represent for a meaningful cross section of American music. This one goes out to all the fighters and the dreamers doing their best to stay positive in this fucked up country. YOUTUBE

Sour Ground "Okay" 

Here is some tough-as-nails synth punk out of Cincinnati, released by the legendary Realicide Youth Records. Feel these lyrics and ride along until the beat flips. YOUTUBE

Lil Donald (Feat. Stuey Rock) "Still Lit"

The spirit of snap music is still alive in this life affirming revival cut. I'll never forget sitting outside of Club Crunk with Occasional Detroit while D4L blasted so loud that you could feel the bass in the parking lot. YOUTUBE

Princess Nokia "Kitana"

The hits keep on coming from a Boxxx Report favorite. I still feel fucking insane and social media is not helping one bit. I need to change my life. YOUTUBE

Theusaisamonster "Tulsa"

Had to do it. Theusaisamonster are one of the most important bands to come out of the 2K's freakout terrordome and their message is eternal. "Sometimes I'm sure/I'm really quite sure/That the obscure images have a great significance/Iceberg tip/The hull of the ship/There's an awful lot of love that's got to make a little difference." YOUTUBE


DJ D-Plex "In New York"

Honestly amazed that the Mediafire link on this one is still live. Very good, very rare tape of screwed Jay and Nas classics that of was originally posted on the Tumblr of the late ASAP Yams. RIP. STEADY LEANIN'

November 18, 2016

David Banner "Cadillac On 22's (Screwed & Chopped by Michael Watts)"

I feel uncomfortable talking about politics (I'm not very smart), but let it be known that I am as freaked out as all of you. America is a mind boggling place. I started tearing up listening to this song in an office building the day after the election. Hard to articulate. YOUTUBE

Cole "Good Boy"

Turn your headphones all the way up and bask in the majesty that is the human voice: stacked, packed and riding over a bed of knocking drums. Go see Cole play live if you have the chance. SOUNDCLOUD

Rico Nasty "Hey Arnold"

I know this land is fucked up, but the human spirit shines through. It's hard to be optimistic about anything, but music continues to be a constant force for transcendence. I'm still a believer. YOUTUBE

Tribe Called Quest "We The People....."

The new Tribe record dropped last week and it is good. If I'm being perfectly honest with you people, I wasn't sure what to expect. But it's good. And that is a positive thing. YOUTUBE

The Joubert Singers "Stand On The Word (Larry Levan Mix)"

In the few years that I've been living in New York City, only a couple things in this twisted place actually live up to the hype. The Loft is one of them (The Russian and Turkish Baths aren't bad either). I know this is an ultimate obvious Loft anthem but in times like these we need to go with the goods. RIP Mancuso. YOUTUBE


Andy Noble "Not Like You, Boy! Milwaukee Female Soul, Funk Jazz, and Disco 1965-1985"

It crushed me to see my home state go into the darkness. Andy Noble is a Milwaukee music expert and this mix is for the soul. Shout out to all my friends in Wisconsin. MIXCLOUD

November 11, 2016

No Boxxx Report this week, for obvious reasons.

November 4, 2016

DJ Lucas "Pretty Boy"

Here is some new insane Western Mass autotune Oldham gothic from thee Dark World CEO. You might not call it rap rock, but I do. This world keeps on turning. This fucked up world keeps on turning. SOUNDCLOUD

Bully Fae "Elevator Pitch"

Taking things to the office with this one. Usually I try to not mention the video, but dang this is a great music video. And a great song, no doubt. I knew I was gonna be down from the second Brent said "el vino did flow." VIMEO

Slim Thug & Beatking "Ooouuu Flow"

Going to need to slow this way down and chop it up. More Texas on The Boxxx Report. It should be noted that I am currently in Austria, gearing up for a 6 hour performance in the mountains. HIP HOP HIVE

Tender Cruncher "Peg"

Very good new school beat punk from the Haord Records posse, who are doing serious damage on that MIDI fried wacky insanity tip. I fuck with this over most of the tepid electronics currently being churned out by wack 25-year-olds, and that is just real talk 101 from a hilarious mess of a human. YOUTUBE

Myrone "Clear Eyes Clear Skies (Live Playthru)"

This is for all the real rockers out there just barely holding on. One man shredfest from this Left Coast longhair. Sounds like pizza grease on the joystick. Heroic madness. YOUTUBE


Chris Dope Folks "Rainy Day Blunted Mix"

It is hoodie season, people. Oh, it is most definitely hoodie season. Thankfully, Chris has laced you with some serious heads down head nod shit for that long bus ride into your own twisted skull. Strap on that Jan Sport motherfucker. It's gonna be a long, dark fall. SOUNDCLOUD

October 28, 2016

Paul Wall “Hustle Like a MF”

New Paul Wall. This is maybe the best Paul Wall song I have heard since the glory days. Open up your heart. Let The Boxxx Report also be The Paul Wall report. Jesus what am I doing with my life? YOUTUBE

CJ Milli “Law & Order SVU Theme (Especially Heinous Mix)”

Any Law & Order-related club track I come across will get posted on The Boxxx Report. And that is a promise. Can’t wait for the inevitable reboot of “original style” L&O. I know I got a lot of NBC execs reading this, so please hit me up and let me know when I can expect that to go down, and if I can guest in a bit part as the sound guy at a DIY venue in Bushwick (I witness a stabbing). SOUNDCLOUD

Seven Streeter (Feat. The Dream) “D4L”

Always been a Streeter supporter and this one hits The Boxxx Report right where it hurts with with that anthemic floatation style like they used to do a few years ago. Old Man Boxxx. One of my favorite R&B cuts of the year. Plus the bonus timely title. YOUTUBE

Liberty “Nightmares”

You think all the good band names are taken but then a young NYHC band goes ahead and calls themselves "Liberty." Not bad. In all actuality, there are definitely millions of bands with that same name, but it really does work in this particular case. So F it. BANDCAMP

Odwalla88 “Fawns Are Dirty”

The Odwalla88 7” came out this week on Thunder Zone. I am very proud of this record. Here is a song off of it. Stay positive. SOUNDCLOUD


Spectre “Ruff Kutz Side One”

I guess I slept on this classic dubbed out illbient tape from the creator of Wordsound Records, even though PAN reissued it last year. I first found out about Wordsound through that MC Paul Barman/Prince Paul EP, which I think the label now disowns. What is this all to say? Who knows. This is a very good mix. Featuring Sensational! YOUTUBE

October 21, 2016

Uncle Murda "Cam'Ron Voice"

This one has been out for a minute but slowly rolled up to the top of my fall playlist. I've always been an Uncle Murda fan; something about his completely out-of-step crabbiness has been enduring. "Cam'Ron Voice" is quite possibly one of his best songs ever. YOUTUBE

T. Mikawa/John Wiese "Cryptic Number"

Classic intercontinental damage from two lifers. Yes my friends, harsh noise on The Boxxx Report! Hit the airhorn. BANDCAMP

Kilbourne "My Betrayal"

Here is some contemporary new American digital mosh pit insanity from one of the best currently doing it. Only for the headstrong. Pick slides. Single of the week. SOUNDCLOUD

Young M.A. "Quiet Storm"

The new boss of NYC just dropped a video for this 2K15 cut, so let us all sit back and take some time to appreciate the fire bars. If there is one thing I know in this fucked up world, it is that New Yorkers can deliver and appreciate fire bars. YOUTUBE

Ravioli Me Away "Wow"

Taking it across the pond right quick for this bit of freaked out party punk like they used to do it. Swizz Beatz horn stabs go head first with that shouty shit. OK! SOUNDCLOUD


Beautiful Swimmers "RA Podcast .542"

You know a mix is pretty good when instead of going to straight your apartment after you get off the subway, you start walking around the block in circles with your headphones on. Just to keep that feeling going. Just to keep it going. RESIDENT ADVISOR

October 14, 2016

Happysucky "Plug It In, Pump It Up"

A true document of mid-2K's teenage madness. Guerrilla gigs, fanny packs, neon masks. Short shorts. Gameboys. Ask Narwhalz about MIDI grind. This is pretty much garage rock, if you know what I mean. The Rio Grande Valley had a legendary scene, remember that time Dre Skull and I got flown to McAllen to play a show and then took a picture with a bunch of beauty pageant contestants? No? I'll put it in the book. YOUTUBE

Moor Mother "Chain Gang Quantum Blues"

A highlight from the excellent new Moor Mother record, which is an intense journey, especially if taken in headphones. Reminds me a bit of Pharaoh Sanders, Wolf Eyes and a bunch of other important stuff. BANDCAMP

Kungs vs Cookin' On 3 Burners (Feat. Kylie Auldist) "This Girl"

OK I give up, this is the 2016 version of the cheerleader song and I love it. I've been listening to way too much Seacrest in the afternoon on Z100. YOUTUBE

Cassidy "Westwood Freestyle 2004"

What does it mean to have fun? Beats me, but these loud assholes outside of my window probably have a better idea. I'm trapped inside watching 2K4 Cassidy freestyles. One hundred percent fucked in the head. YOUTUBE

Potty Mouth "Smash Hit"

An unrelenting lifetime interest in rock and roll is its own personal prison. Anyways, here is some high quality big tent power pop. Throwing a little Radio Disney into the Veruca Salt. Somehow I've never posted any Cheap Trick on The Boxxx Report. YOUTUBE


DMX "1996 Freestyle Tape"

Did some time poking around one of my all-time favorite rap blogs and found this piece of history. Does this qualify as mix? Didn't I already post a freestyle this week? Let me live. One highlight of the tape is "Get At Me Dog" bars over the Busta "It's A Party" instrumental. ONLY BUILT FOR ZSHARE LINKS

October 7, 2016

G Perico "Nothin But Love"

To say that the state of West Coast rap has been strong lately would be a goddamn understatement. Here is more quality that The Boxxx Report can get behind. The new G Perico tape delivers, bang it in your headphones as you slog through life and try really hard not to throw your laptop into the ocean. YOUTUBE

Brentwoods "Do The Bug With Me/Buri Buri USA"

Taking it back to 95 with this hit of damaged party garage. Made for the kind of small town basement freakouts that maybe only exist in my head but I'm pretty sure went down in Green Bay at some point. Oh, you don't know about that Green Bay shit? I'm talking Timebomb Tom. YOUTUBE

Mozzy "Messy Murder Scenes"

More new Left Coast, this one from Sacramento's best. 2016 gangster rap with unstoppable bars and narrative energy. It's easy to listen to this man rap for a long time. YOUTUBE

Gods Wisdom "On The Beach"

Yeah I post too much dang Dark World on The Boxxx Report but this Gods Wisdom Neil Young cover is crucial. Featuring sax from Morimoto, who made all my Springsteen dreams come true when he ripped up the "Never Surrender Forever" solo during my set in Chicago a few weeks ago. Ride on into the darkness, my friend. BANDCAMP

Divtech "Occupied Decolonized"

Crushed up splatter gabber punk circle pit madness from this one man band man. Catch him on tour in Europe right now with Decide Today, also known as Robert Inhuman from Realicide. Stay positive. BANDCAMP


333 Boyz "FW 2016 Global Freakout"

New one from Berlin-based Angelinos and the minds behind some of the sickest Thunder Zone visual content. 20-minutes of hi-NRG storytelling created for the Nina Pop mix series. A beautiful blend. SOUNDCLOUD

September 30, 2016

Gods Wisdom & Lucy "Beep Beep"

Potentially the most important thing to come out of New England since Jonathan Richman sang about being a little dinosaur. All you indie pop kids, twee pop kids, whatever... Listen to this, this is how you take it to the next level. This is it. YOUTUBE

Feadz & Le Dom "Big Shots"

Let me be honest with you people. There is an outside risk of a blog house revival happening in 2017. I'm just saying, who knows. BANDCAMP

Thast "Inbox"

Yeah, this song is like four years old, but I can't stop playing it in my DJ sets to the point where it would be straight up disrespectful to not throw it up on The Boxxx Report. One listen is all it will take. SOUNDCLOUD

WNC Carlos X Jungle Muzik Larry X Geaux Justin "Bang Out"

More contemporary Louisiana energy that has made my life better this year. Locked in my room. Trying to change. YOUTUBE

Jumpy (Feat. DJ Lucas) "Everything I Know"

Alternative universe alternative rock. Ah yes, another hit from the Dark World. Intuitive unfiltered creative insanity, there is nothing better. Catchy! YOUTUBE


Advil Terror Radio Episode 1

It is heartwarming to see a new generation getting interested in gabber music. Fresh show from the great Arvid Logan. KNOW WAVE

September 23, 2016

Matt Johnson "Lauryn's House"

Insane hard house remix of a Lauryn Hill classic. Off of the "E-Normous Johnson EP," which probably came out in 1999. Discogs has no answers, though. Every single day there is a war going on inside of my head. YOUTUBE

The Flexibles "Pink Everything"

The Flexibles come through a bit like an alternate universe Glasgow version of underrated contempo-NYC shredders Haribo. Blown out electronic fuzz punk spazz like it needs to be done. Freedom and friendship from a father, a son and a family friend. YOUTUBE

Wiley "Can't Go Wrong"

Mr. Who Ate All The Pies is back with a "see ya in the pit" type track that kind of references the big Skepta tune. The baggage accumulated from a middling life in music can at times feel insurmountable. YOUTUBE

Just The Right Height No Bucket Required "My Wretched Beauty"

Ill fisheye throwdown from the frontline of post-wack American underground activities. Blasted rapman sonics connect the dots and push it forward. Someone spilled Monster Energy Drink all over K Nation cupcakes. Comic book style, nuclear reactor style, nu-metal style. Sick style. YOUTUBE

D4L "Scotty"

Rest in peace to a member of the best one record punk band since the Pistols. YOUTUBE


Teki Latex "100% Radio Hits"

Do you even understand the meaning of the mash-up? Just kidding, but seriously this is a great mix. SOUNDCLOUD

September 16, 2016

Gert Town Nunu (Feat. The Real K.T) "Piffgang"

Linkin Park-flipping New Orleans bounce from earlier this year. This is what it is all about, people. I don't have shit figured out, I am totally clueless, all I know is that music is important. YOUTUBE

Sleaford Mods "TCR"

The best British band of the past decade back with another one. A tiny bit poppier than usual, but you know I'm not mad about that. Sleaford Mods always a strong option. YOUTUBE

9th Ward Judy "Save A Horse"

Went on a bit of a bounce tear this week, so fuck it, here is another great track from 2K16. This one samples Kanye and quotes the great Big and Rich. The Boxxx Report is a search for meaning. YOUTUBE

Kim Gordon "Murdered Out"

First ever Kim G solo cut and I gotta say, it slaps. Pretty rap rock. YOUTUBE

Russian Tsarlag "This Box"

I haven't seen Carlos in forever but this new one is beautiful. I'll never forget when he ordered that ice cream sandwich for breakfast at George Webb's, all the way back in 2004. Legendary. SOUNDCLOUD


Frankie Bones "Energy 1991"

What I like most about this is Bones on the mic. "This one's for all the ravers in the house." YOUTUBE

September 9, 2016

Yerr Eli (Feat. Young M.A) "My Guyz"

More sick 2K16 NYC styles featuring Young M.A. Although this track has been out for many months already, it still feels like it could be a big choon. I gotta say, this one has serious big choon potential. Could be a big choon. Listen. I'm just saying, and you might disagree with me, but maybe a big choon? Could be a big choon. Good song. YOUTUBE

Cam & China "That B"

Let us take things to California for a fucking minute. Feels good to hear J Hawk on the track again, alongside some vicious rapping. Jerkin' will never die. SOUNDCLOUD

The Krunchies "Moonboots"

Underrated 2000s-era Chicago power trio flipping out on the edges of hardcore, garage and punk. A special combination of tempo and style. Dual vox. YOUTUBE

The Troggs "Wild Thing"

This is The Boxxx Report motherfucker, I do what I motherfucking please. If I just want to motherfucking post "Wild Thing," can you please just let me motherfucking do that? Let me be myself. Obviously, I'm going crazy. YOUTUBE

Princess Nokia "Bart Simpson"

Lead track off of the new Nokia mixtape. Solid attitude, nice hook. Great tape. SOUNDCLOUD


DJ Assault "Straight Up Detroit Sh*T, Vol. 1"

A little bit before his style fully crystalized, this early Assault mix from 96 covers a ton of ground. So clearly part of a much larger story in American music. Incredible energy. You gotta treasure this shit. YOUTUBE

September 2, 2016

The Piranhas "Live At Lager House, Detroit"

I'll take this damaged early 2000s live set by mid-tier Detroit cavemen The Piranhas over most tepid contemporary indie rock or electronica any day of the week. Ending my stupid, childish and unproductive 20s in shameful form: writing about garage rock. YOUTUBE

OUSHE "Hyper Logic"

Here is some brand new nasty techno bass that I can get behind. "Sweat drippin' - that's hyper logic." Oh, no doubt. YOUTUBE

E-40 (Feat. Kamaiyah) "Petty"

Two Boxxx Report favorites collide Howie Day style on this late summer slow burner. I am trying very hard to stay positive. SOUNDCLOUD

The Donnas "High School Yum Yum"

More unfashionable rock and roll music that I have been enjoying lately. Off of the band's debut 1995 7 inch. Eternal teenage pop destruction. YOUTUBE

Schwarz "No One Can Stop Me I'm All The Way Up"

Schwarz is the bootleg master. This one is true open format majesty, you think you know but you have no idea. Schwarz. SOUNDCLOUD


Ricardo Villalobos "Live At Time Warp USA 20.11.2015"

Never been the deepest Villalobos head but this 2K15 mix is incredible. A playful and jacking ride through a variety of eras, styles and feels. People like to say that "when he's on, he's really on," and by "people" I mean YouTube commenters that I've never met before. Might be true. Better than most similar things. SOUNDCLOUD

August 26, 2016

Dirtygirl "Dog Shit"

"Dog Shit" is one of those perfect quick hit DIY pop songs that we are always on the hunt for over here at "the report." Not coincidentally, it kicked off the DIY Space For London NTS radio program last week. I guess I can say here that The Boxxx Report Radio is coming to NTS international for two hours monthly starting September 13. BANDCAMP

Blaqstarr "Moan Her Lease Her"

The enigma is back. As always, we find him entering into some uncharted territory. Neo-soul is always on the table. Blaqstarr continues to confuse and inspire. YOUTUBE

Sporting Life "Kill That Shout"

From the Boxxx Report-anticipated "Slam Dunk" EP cycle comes this sick glitched-yet-hardbody beat, perfect for both tightening up those Jim Jones adlibs and taking some time out of your day to really smell the August New York City garbage. I gotta say, I really enjoyed the newest Uncle Murda Flex freestyle. BIT TORRENT BUNDLE

The Double "Dawn Of The Double"

40 singular minutes of hypnotic American music. A crystalline shot through the heart of rock and roll. Perfect, like riding all night on a straight line desert highway, just trying to hold on to your sanity. YOUTUBE

Rae Sremmurd "#DoYoga"

A standout track from a record full of them. Someone is practicing trumpet within earshot. There is truly no escape in this city. SOUNDCLOUD


Dope Folks Records "350 Press Or Less Mix"

Ill collection of small press rap records both new and old from this important Milwaukee label, run in part by the former singer of possibly the best garage rock band to ever come out of the city. Just so you know. That's the kind of important informaton we deliver every week here at this absurd newsletter. The band was called The Mistreaters. SOUNDCLOUD

August 19, 2016

JX Cannon "Hannibal Buress Yelling At A Panda"

What more do you want out of life than a fire club track with a sample from one of the best stand-up comedians currently working? A proud part of a very important lineage of comedy-sampling dance music. I take history seriously. Thanks Schwarz. SOUNDCLOUD

Bully "I Remember"

This great sub-two-minute long Bully song from last year still packs a punch. There are no rules or expiration dates over here at The Boxxx Report, just great music. You should say that last sentence in the style of a classic rock radio voiceover. SOUNDCLOUD

MikeQ & Romanthony "Get Sum"

MikeQ and the late great Romanthony team up on this burner, perfect for a DJ set that moves between house and more contempo club concerns. Off of the crucial new Qween Beat comp. SOUNDCLOUD

Prissy Whip "Dog Food"

Now this right here, this is the kind of sunburned So-Cal no stage no wave that I remember from my misspent youth on the road. I'm going to have to make a lot more records in order to properly process my 20s. Rest in peace to The Smell and Pehrspace. BANDCAMP

Doormouse "Glutecore 1 (WTW Theme)"

As a kid, Doormouse played a crucial part in my development, so I'm glad he's back doing what he was born to do, which is make insane gabber music. All the stories are true and legendary. Even Furthur is this weekend. BANDCAMP


Wu-Tang Clan "1997 Tim Westwood Freestyle"

In these fucked up times, it is nice to hear something life affirming. SOUNDCLOUD

August 12, 2016

Turnstile "Come Back For More/Harder On You"

East Coast groovecore pacesetters are back with something sick. I hope the next record has even more of that borderline funk metal lean. The world needs more funk metal. SOUNDCLOUD

Dam-Funk "Believer (Fingers Deep - Funk Remix)"

Two of the best in their respective fields come together for a smooth ride that makes me wanna be on the 101 and not wherever it is that I am right now. What is The Boxxx Report? SOUNDCLOUD

Lambchop "The Hustle"

Alt-Americana legends sounding somewhat contemporary on this 18-minute single. Some mildly questionable moves here, but the songwriting and back catalog make everything more than alright by me. K-Dog. YOUTUBE

Kanye West "Ultralight Beam (Chop Not Slop Remix)"

Mr. "F Action" himself OG Ron C touches Kanye's latest. Two great tastes that go nice together. I can't wait for this summer and this fucking year to be over. DISCTOPIA

No Doubt "Sliver (Live 1994)"

Here is audio of No Doubt covering my favorite Nirvana song. A beam of light through the third wave ska rabbit hole. What the fuck am I doing, does anyone have any recommendations for affordable talk therapists in the New York area? YOUTUBE


Woebot "London's Dreaming - Woebot's History of Hardcore"

I keep coming back to this one, almost five hours long and an essential look into a distinctively British form of dance music. Take the time out of your day or week or month and get a history lesson. Fuck it, rewind. MIXCLOUD

August 5, 2016

Bamm Bamm "Surf Song"

I'm in sunny Los Angeles so in theory this should be a positive Boxxx Report, but honestly I wouldn't hold your breath. Anyways, here is some unsung hero Milwaukee two piece party band damage from well over a decade ago. ACTIVITIES ARCHIVE

D.R.A.M. (feat. Lil Yachty) "Broccoli"

American pop, same as forever. Straight up addictive music for that dream Jack FM in the sky. YOUTUBE

Foodman "Ez Minzoku"

Found out about this slice of MIDI freedom ironically on the twitter feed of a rap blogger. There are so many places to discover music. Music discovery. BANDCAMP

Connections "Month 2 Month"

I can remember the exact moment that I really "got" GBV, I was almost 25 and sleeping in a basement behind the Koreatown Jollibee. The new Connections record is timeless Midwestern guitar music, if you know what I saying. I'm talking about pizza. BANDCAMP

Young M.A. "OOOUUU"

2016 NYC rap styles. One of the best cuts to come out of the city this year. "Yeah I'm pretty but I'm loco." YOUTUBE


Moodyman "@ Rex Club Paris 1995"

This world can leave you confused, pissed, depressed... All sorts of shit. Not really sure what I'm trying to say but whatever, it doesn't really matter, please enjoy this 90s Moodyman DJ set. YOUTUBE

July 30, 2016

Desiigner "Timmy Tuner"

Hard to type because I think I might've given myself a mild concussion on stage tonight. Life keeps going. I really like this song. YOUTUBE

SEF III "I'm Sitting in a Room"

One of the best live shows I've seen this year was SEF III at The Red Light District in Far Rockaway, Queens. A trio of vetted underground heavyhitters joining forces for some new fresh style sitdown slam poetry electronica excursion insanity? Uh, yes mother! (Jamie Oliver voice, as if you had to ask.) Take that journey with SEF III, take that fucking ride, you will not be disappointed. BANDCAMP

Moor Mother "Deadbeat Bones"

A really good really deep jolt of political industrial rap coming in at a tight one minute and twenty three seconds. Let the oscillators do their thing. Rock and roll ruined my life. YOUTUBE

Extreme Animals "It's Time"

This week, Thunder Zone released an anthology of early and mid-period work by the deeply underrated duo Extreme Animals. Currently, I am on an East Coast mini-tour with Extreme Animals. There is a lot to say but I'm not gonna say it here--this Boxxx Report is dedicated to all the losers and the dreamers. BANDCAMP

Stunt Rock "A New Kind of Selife Stick That Is A Prescripition for Anti-Anxiety Medication and Instructions for Asking Passerby to Take Your Photo"

Rare new music from the legendary Midwest post rave emo breakcore plunderphonics whatever master Stunt Rock. Sloppy with a soft touch, this man knows his way around a sound byte. Heartland void music. BANDCAMP


Rob Pursey "MCA Tribute"

All your teenage heroes gonna do is make your life more confusing. You want to enter the zone but you don't know where to begin or end. Suddenly you wake up and a decade has passed. MIXCLOUD

July 30, 2016

Floorplan "Tell You No Lie"

Perfect disco house from Robert Hood and his daughter to take you through a brutal summer. Fuck this summer, fuck this year. I feel sick. YOUTUBE

JEFF The Brotherhood "Punishment"

Jake n' Jamin are back with the kind of psychedelic grunge that only they can do. Mosh pit breakbeats slide into motorik madness and back again. Jeff The Brotherhood eternal rockers. SOUNDCLOUD

Gucci Mane "No Sleep (Intro)"

A very anticipated album comes out today from one of the most important rappers of the past decade plus and I'm siked. I love music. Last night put me in an insane zone. YOUTUBE

MU "Let's Get Sick"

MU's "Afro Finger And Gel" is an inspiring record that almost feels slept on or forgotten 13 years later. "Let's Get Sick" is of course the best song on it and a stone cold wild style freakout classic. James Murphy wishes his drums sounded this fresh. YOUTUBE

Suicide "Keep Your Dreams"

The music of Alan Vega and Suicide has been deeply influential in my attempt to develop Juiceboxxx into a singular American music entity. I'll leave it at that. Hold on to those stupid, stupid, misguided, fucked up, insane, stupid dreams. RIP. YOUTUBE


Mongrels "Paradise Don't Come Cheap - 20th Anniversary Mix"

Shouts go out to Brian from Bmore for letting me know about this megamix of cuts related to New Kingdom's "Paradise Don't Come Cheap," which is a secret classic in an alternate universe of rap rock. Great mix but also check out the LP and just try your best to stay alive and stay positive. SOUNDCLOUD

July 15, 2016

Theo Parrish (Feat. Ideeyah & Duminie Deporres) "Be In Yo Self"

This 13-minute ride from 2K14 is a masterpiece and a true headphone burner for all the dreamers out there just trying to take it one day at a time in a twiztid world. And that's straight from The Boxxx Report. YOUTUBE

Haribo "Jury Duty (live)"

Haribo are one of the few real New York freakout bands doing the way it needs to be done. Their debut LP is one of my most anticipated of the year, but that's not out yet, so here is some live footage from a gig opening for Psychic TV. Wait for that gavel to hit. YOUTUBE

2Pac "Fuck All Y'all (Original Version)"

Never heard the original version of this 2Pac classic before, but thanks to the magic of the internet rap blog universe I can now play it over and over again while sinking deeper into personal insanity. State Of The Thunder Zone. SOUNDCLOUD

Mark Cone "Come On Aileen"

Sick textbook synth punk carnage from Urochromes member. I'm going to continue to lock myself in my room until the leaves start falling. SOUNDCLOUD

Albert Ayler "Spiritual Unity (Full Album)"

I think something snapped inside of me because I've been listening to a lot of free jazz lately and in general probably the most amount of "out" music since I was a teenager (probably should go see The Dead C in September). Either way, here is classic full album to honor a GOAT on the week of what would be his 80th birthday. YOUTUBE


DJ George Costanza "My Friend Zone Over You"

Around three years ago, Costanza dropped this mix of contemporary pop punk. The world has not been the same since. SOUNDCLOUD

July 8, 2016

Pharaoh Sanders "The Creator Has A Master Plan"

The only reason I do this stupid and irrelevant Boxxx Report (I hate myself) is because I believe that music has the occasional ability to transcend. YOUTUBE

Wild Thing "Don't Need it"

Haven't been sleeping the best this week. For whatever it's worth, here is some raw punk from Texas, off of a demo tape. BANDCAMP

Abdu Ali x Kilbourne "Did Dat (Planet Core Edit)"

This track really succeeds in folding a bunch of aggro genres into one sick club music style. Exciting addition to the contemporary mosh pit cannon, nu nu metal for the twisted youth. SOUNDCLOUD

Pinky Rose "Why Should I Love You"

Another important cover from 1/2 Odwalla88. Here, Pinky takes on a Kate Bush tune made in collaboration with Prince. More artists should be making music. SOUNDCLOUD

Lil B "R.I.P The Rap Game"

Let's fuckin' throw it back to 2K11 with an emotional "What We Do" flow. A top ten B track for me, but that's just me. I still believe in Lil B.  YOUTUBE


D. Gookin "Impulse Buys"

"Impulse Buys" contains my favorite blend sequence of the year: OPM "Heaven Is A Halfpipe" into Clark "Lord Of The Dance" into Soul Coughing "Misinformed." A great mix that even makes me like a few contemporary chillwave songs. SOUNDCLOUD

July 1, 2016

YG "Twist My Fingaz"

YG just dropped another excellent contemporary Los Angeles rap LP. It's all I want to listen to as I move through gross New York streets in a perpetual hellscape holding pattern. YOUTUBE

Lata Ramasar "The Greatest Name That Lives"

Certified record head classic that got an official re-release last fall. Hindustani singer from Trinidad and Tobago doing perfect minimal hypnotic electronic music that really transcends whatever classification some nerd will try to throw in your face. Music is incredible. YOUTUBE

Kent Jones "Don't Mind"

Let's face it: this absurd song is going to fuck up your summer 2016. Though it's been slow burning for over a year now, it looks like it's about to go to that next, next level. Some might question content, but the sad fact is that it is completely irresistible. YOUTUBE

Desiigner "XXL Freestyle (Chino Amobi Edit)"

Never been huge "Panda" fan but Desiigner's freshman freestyle was a gut punch. Chino's edit turns it into a sinister late night burner. Check the original, too. SOUNDCLOUD

Black Dice "Big Deal"

Damn these freakout legends just puked out some rock and roll all over the face of middling Brooklyn techno culture. This is maybe the band's most realized slice of future 60s frat party caveman roadhouse sci-fi blues to date; once the riffs start hitting they do not stop. Fuck your live PA: Dice is back, baby. SOUNDCLOUD


Abby "Discwomen 05 Mix"

Really good blasted out set for the new school headstrong. Abby should be playing Furthur. I'm pretty disappointed with the Furthur mainstage lineup, but honestly I'm not sure what I was expecting. SOUNDCLOUD

June 24, 2016

Swearin' "Kenosha"

The self-titled Swearin' record remains a perfect mix of basement pop punk and Breeders-informed damage. Let me close my eyes and for one fucking second pretend that I am not in hellish New York City but rather some punk house in Anytown, USA on a humid, clear night. Why is it so hard for me to grow up? BANDCAMP

Fifth Harmony (Feat. Missy Elliot) "Not That Kinda Girl"

Here is a pitched-up and degraded YouTube rip of this great new Missy-guesting Fifth Harmony song. Honestly I think I like this version better than the "real one," it kind of reminds me of getting a 128 rip back in the day, and actually fits the vibe of this cut, which to me feels like a throwback to something I could never explain. YOUTUBE

Natural Child "Now And Then"

Over the course of the past seven years or so, I've seen Natural Child develop from punks to boogie masters, and this one is just another drop in a heavy catalog seasoned on the road. The Boxxx Report is a neverending nightmare. MP3

Show Me The Body "Metallic Taste"

Off of the new one from this fresh NYC power trio. Probably the most "chill" song on the set, like a wavier Modest Mouse for the next era. Modest Mouse had a ton of scratching on their early records, more about that in my future DJ mix titled "An Alternative History of Rap Rock." SOUNDCLOUD

Oh Boy Prince (Feat. Tate And Unknown) "Bring It Down Pick It Up"

There will never be a shortage of great American dance music, both old and new. Frankly it is overwhelming.  YOUTUBE


Worship HK "The Gift Of Gabber"

Contemporary hard dance mix that comes direct from Schwarz's Las Vegas gabberfest scene report. I realize that this is the second gabber mix in a row on The Boxxx Report. You got a problem with that? SOUNDCLOUD

June 17, 2016

G.L.O.S.S "We Live"

The world is a twisted orb of fucked up darkness and insanity. Also, I have a heavy Wendy's hangover (one and a half frostys). Anyways, short fast loud is a fine reaction to everything and this band is one of the best currently raging. BANDCAMP

Lucy "FNL"

Americans are allowed to make weird music like this. If I have to explain to you why, you don't really deserve the Boxxx Report. SOUNDCLOUD

DMX (Feat. Styles P) "Still Scratching"

I wanna drive around the decrepit Tri-State and just play this over and over and over again while questioning what the fuck I'm doing with my life. I'm 29. SOUNDCLOUD

Angels In America "Hymenoptera"

Boxxx Report favs back with more of that ill brooding crock pot style. The smooth and beautiful sound of a direct input guitar. SOUNDCLOUD

Schwarz "Throw It In The Bag Remix Remix"

This one has a donk AND some jungle breakbeats. I could never ask for anything more. I love you Schwarz. SOUNDCLOUD


Mark N "Stuck In Stallis (Side A)"

I'm fuckin' back in the midwest and too fuckin' fucked (remember those frostys?) to try to fuckin' explain to you this fuckin' shit. Google "Nasenbluten" and then google "West Allis, WI." I gotta go. MIXCLOUD

June 10, 2016

Fleetwood Mac "Gypsy (Early Version)"

Incredible new unearthed version of this classic, to be unleashed on the upcoming "Mirage" deluxe edition. Some very nice Spector/Springsteen style production accoutrements on this one, I wish I didn't have to throw you a Rolling Stone link but it looks like those fux at Rhino aren't letting me embed. Or maybe I'm just an idiot. ROLLING STONE

Mall Grab "I've Always Liked Grime"

Worth an inclusion for the cheeky title alone. Jacking the ice rink. The world is a vampire. YOUTUBE

The Pacers "Brand New Day"

Cutty third wave ska from Milwaukee featuring a very young Noble bro, released in late 1994. I really should be posting more ska on The Boxxx Report. BANDCAMP

2real "Gym Bag"

Stumbled onto this banger. Might be Dark World affiliated but I honestly have no clue, and I think I like it that way. The American teenager in their natural environment. YOUTUBE

Why Be, Elysia Crampton, Chino Amobi "Dummy Track"

All star jam session from a trilogy of crucial heads throwing down heavy guarachero abstractions. Real talk 101 I wouldn't mind locking myself in my room for the next year or so. SOUNDCLOUD


DJ Pica Pica Pica ‎"Planetary Natural Love Gas Webbin' 199999"

You want sick? EYE from Boredoms going all the way off the deep end in this legendary pre-Y2K "open format" freakout ultramix. Just be yourself. YOUTUBE

June 3, 2016

Bankroll PJ "Jump In"

In this confusing and gross world, the only thing anyone can hope for is brief moments of minor transcendence. Jump in. YOUTUBE

Unicorn Hard-On "Persian Cats"

Let me say a belated RIP to one of the longer standing projects in the USA freakout underground. Val has been doing beat-based experimental jams long before the recent noise techno renaissance, so bow down. I'm excited for whatever she does in the future. YOUTUBE

George's Bush "Pink Bikini"

Wisconsin insanity from these very young Titletown ragers. Lo-fi weirdo hardcore giving me a bit of a Spike In Vain feeling, which is always a nice thing. I hope to play with them someday. BANDCAMP

Limmy "Black Hole Sun TECHNO VERSION"

Oh, no doubt. Feels like an instant Kyle H. Mabson classic. I love a good fake 303. SOUNDCLOUD

Clams Casino (Feat. Lil B) "Witness"

Durant just got fucked and B is back with Clams Casino. Life is alright in Basedworld. YOUTUBE


Odwalla88 "Schloss Mix"

This ten min micro mix packs a lot of punch, running through some highlights from the duo's catalog plus solo work from both, all done in a pleasing cut n' paste sick style. Odwalla88 7" coming soon on Thunder Zone. SOUNDCLOUD

May 27, 2016

Index "Starlight"

Heard this on the new Dam Funk DJ Kicks and it hit me exactly right where it is supposed to. Can you forget about your neverending slog to nowhere for just one second, you fucking idiot? The only thing that matters is the music! YOUTUBE

DJ Dog Dick "Relic Rock"

Modest Mouse Max is back doing it the way the late 90s underground should've gone down, if only those backpackers had access to the Skin Graft Records catalog and a couple Tommy Wright tapes. This is a beautiful song. Occasional Detroit is never far from my mind. BANDCAMP

Charly Bliss "Ruby"

Kim n' Kelly-indebted grunge pop damage from this young New York City crew. Pleasant guitar pop for those of you who like to fuck around in that zone. BANDCAMP

Chief Keef (Feat. CeeLo Green & Tone Trump) "Violence (Army)"

Cheap obvious Eddy Grant flip like it's 2K5 all over again and Serato hasn't fully hit. Then CeeLo pipes in with a weird Cypress Hill interpolation? This song is fucked up. YOUTUBE

Jellyroll Rockheads "Ganja Boy"

The most ecstatic blasts of all time. Unrivaled powerviolence pop that still feels inspiring after all these years. My favorite Japanese hardcore band. YOUTUBE


Scott Hardkiss "Live At Even Furthur 1996"

In honor of the 20 year anniversary (and 2K16 comeback) of the legendary Wisconsin rave campout freakout thrown by the just as legendary Drop Bass Network. Everybody knows about the Daft Punk set, but this Hardkiss sick mix is just as crucial. RIP. SOUNDCLOUD

May 20, 2016

Kilbourne "Orange"

Psycho sick hardstyle from this East Coast club producer and crust punk guitar player. Stadium synths and stock vocal cutups crash into pure max'd out kick drum car alarm breakdown freakout madness. This one is a fist pump punisher for all the kids out there just frying in the lazers. BANDCAMP

Lucy "She Say She Wana"

Under two minutes. One full listen and you will keep coming back for more, I guarantee it! Brutal new school DIY. YOUTUBE

Chance The Rapper "Summer Friends"

Despite certain whatever, I can't help but love Chance The Rapper. "Acid Rap" slowly grew on me to the point where I was dead convinced it was this era's "3 Feet High And Rising" and I like the new one too. Long story short he does a thing that most people can't pull off but he pulls off and it is great American music fuck it. YOUTUBE

Depressed Teenager "Social Anxiety Disorder"

From the second volume of the "Depression Collection" comes this crucial piece of contempo-plunderphonics. Two hardcore kickdrums in one Boxxx Report? (Jamie Oliver voice) Yes mother! BANDCAMP

Dances With White Girls (Feat. DJ Freekbul) "Planet Base"

Off of the new Jubilee comp which features all sorts of great Florida-inspired dance music. I'm really glad Frog is OK. SOUNDCLOUD

May 13, 2016

The Coneheads "46-25666"

This band is good at covers. Here they take on "In Bloom" and win. I want to move back to the Midwest and start a punk band and start drinking again. YOUTUBE

Girl Pusher "I Have A Marvelous Persona"

Classic-sounding digi hardcore that makes me think of a simpler time. This is the kind of thing that sounds good in the middle of the afternoon in someone's So-Cal backyard, just blasting through a barely functioning PA. BANDCAMP

Primitive Radio Gods "Standing Outside A Broken Phone Booth With Money In My Hands"

After the dust has settled, all that really matters is the music. I'm not sure what I'm trying to say here, been smoking the USB and watching basketball. YOUTUBE

Kamaiyah "For My Dawg"

In the rich tradition of the rap tearjerker ballad comes "For My Dawg," off of one of the best mixtapes of the year. Just take it one day at a time people. It's the most we can do. YOUTUBE

Color TV "Waiting For The Call"

Very good under two minute long Shivvers-esque power pop song, seriously who cares anymore? Middling guitar music means a lot to me. BANDCAMP

May 6, 2016

Tate Kobang "Number 5"

Tate Kobang is like a fresh 32 Oz. of "Limon Pepino" flavor Gatorade in the face of a lot of plodding same-line rap music currently available on the market. His music makes me think of a different time, a high school time. Damn I want some fucking cucumber Gatorade! YOUTUBE

Princess Nokia "Tomboy"

Contempo NYC action from this young rapper and singer. This song is aggro and fun and nerdy and cool and positive. It's 2016 people. YOUTUBE

Mocky "Exception To The Rule"

Maybe someday the world will hear the songs that Mocky and I wrote to try to sell to pop singers, they are actually pretty good. But for now just hit this. What a gorgeous bassline. SOUNDCLOUD

Charge It To The Game "Charge It To The Game"

Mabson and Fat Tony are two legendary American ragers. Everyone knows that! Together they are getting sick with it as "Charge It To The Game" like that one Silkk The Shocker LP. YOUTUBE

Schwarz "DJ Khaled House Edit"

Has the world had enough DJ Khaled at this point? Probably. But this brilliant Schwarz kulture jam makes the old new again, and might just make you a little emotional in the process. SOUNDCLOUD

April 29, 2016

DJ Quick, Problem (Feat. Shy Carter) "A New Nite/Rosecrans Grove"

I have a lot of bad memories of my time in Los Angeles, but then I'll recall stuff like going to Six Flags with Mabson or riding the Gold Line on a Saturday morning. It didn't all suck, but I'm glad that moment in my life is over. I'm working really hard to change. YOUTUBE

Colleen Green "Green My Eyes"

Can you people just let me live? I am a pop rock fiend, I'll admit it. Put a nice primitive drum machine in the mix and you might as well call it a day. SOUNDCLOUD

Fussy "Fussy's In Your Head"

Something every lifer knows: if you wanna do it yourself, you have to deal with a lot of bullshit. From all sides, all the time, often for no real good reason other than maintaining even the lowest level of functionality. I guess all I'm trying to say is that this is a really good spazzy punk song, I'm going crazy. BANDCAMP

OG Ron C "Nothing Compares 2 U"

Turn off the lights. Turn on the barely functioning christmas lights. Close your eyes. YOUTUBE

The Ramones "53rd & 3rd (1975 Rehearsal Footage)"

Sometimes I feel like I want to take all the bad lo-fi techno, conceptual IDM, Euro footwork and tepid deep house and throw it into a pile and set it on fire. But then I wonder, why do I care? Is it because I am a perpetual teenager with a small mind and an even smaller worldview? YOUTUBE

April 22, 2016

Prince "Why You Wanna Treat Me So Bad (Live 01/30/82 Capitol Theatre)"

Hard to really articulate this one, I've been trying to collect all my thoughts and its not getting easier. There is just way too much to say and I'm feeling emotional. For the purpose of The Boxxx Report, I'm going to focus on one piece from one concert from one particularly thrilling moment in the man's insane career and just celebrate it for what it is: pure genius on every level. YOUTUBE

Little Mix (Feat. Sean Paul) "Hair"

I don't know shit about Little Mix but I love this song. 2000's revivalism in full force, right down to the Sean Paul feature. Right down to the Rich Harrison drum fills. YOUTUBE

Omar-S "Seen Was Set (Norm Talley Mix - BIG Strick vocal)"

If you must listen to contemporary house music you should probably listen to Omar-S. Music has always been the thing that gives meaning to my dumb life. YOUTUBE

Just The Right Height No Bucket Required "This Is My Inspo"

More sick new school spoken verb drum pad sampler DIY madness. Honest, zany and punk. RIP Richard Lyons, too. YOUTUBE

Egyptian Lover "I Cry (Night After Night)"

Sometimes all it takes is a new music video to remind you of a great old song and the timing on this one is uncanny. Everyone should see Egyptian Lover live and in person at least once in their life. When he pulls out the 808? YOUTUBE

April 15, 2016

Paul Wall (Feat. Slim Thug, J-Dawg, Lil Keke, Z-Ro, Chamillionaire) "Swangin In The Rain (Remix)"

An all star Houston posse cut is just what the doctor ordered. It is perfectly OK to get emotional about music and culture. YOUTUBE

Angels In America "My Lacuna"

Slow burn majesty from this tough NYC duo. The heroic guitar that hits around the three min mark will fuck up your dumb day. SOUNDCLOUD

DJ Demasiado "Joder Sus Leyes"

Fire fast jacking stab shit that I can't help but want to slow down to hip hop tempo and mix with some breakbeats. That's just me though! Let me do my thing! SOUNDCLOUD

PJ "Gangster"

Is this the start of a new Tracy Chapman revival wave that no one asked for but the world desperately needs? Probably not. I'm just out here hanging on to my sanity not having any fun at all. YOUTUBE

Savoy Motel "Indisposed"

Nashville garage rock lifers try their hand at disco. House music has not really hit the garage rock community yet. When it does, god help us all! YOUTUBE

April 8, 2016

Mozzy "Bladadah"

Going to go ahead and take a big late pass on Mozzy but you know what the great thing about music is? It doesn't really matter. This is incredible contemporary Bay Area shit with just some of the best sickest most ferocious rapping I have heard recently. YOUTUBE

Tenement "Taking Everything"

At approximately 0:29, when the BG vox start kicking and the drums go four on the snare, I am transported back into a basement full of kids who grew up going to Concert Cafe but now live in Riverwest. Timeless Upper Midwest guitar pop. What a crazy ride. SOUNDCLOUD

Uli K "Fix Up"

A strong auto-tune soul option for all the kids out there just trying to be themselves.  This track contains some absolutely fuego MIDI moments. Fight through the darkness and keep running. SOUNDCLOUD

C.C.T.V. "Song About Sex In A Can"

Respect to YouTube user "Jimmy" for posting an insane amount of hyper current punk tapes all the time, full on. This is off of a practice tape from the great small town heartland post-punk band C.C.T.V. The Boxxx Report: finding practice tapes on YouTube so you don't have to. YOUTUBE

JPEGMAFIA "Digital Blackface"

Playing a show tonight with this new school Baltimore rager. Digi aggro punk rap in your face ill style. Open the gates! YOUTUBE

April 1, 2016

The Cowboys "I-Spy"

Another dialed in damage transmission from the dusty basements of America's heartland. Another slice of rock and roll action from the Lumpy Records squad. YOUTUBE

Young Thug "Drippin"

It would be insane not to put this song on The Boxxx Report. The internet has turned April Fools into a truly awful day. YOUTUBE

Analogue Dear "Better Off Alone in B Major"

George, you are crazy for this one. The title says it all: this is beauty in its most pure and honest form. Thank you George! SOUNDCLOUD

Mal Devisa (Feat. Gods Wisdom) "Vicious Nonbeliever"

Three of Western Mass's finest free thinkers collide on this headbanger (DJ Lucas on the track). Sounds like alternate reality warped tour rap punk dreams being sent through the DJ! machine. Turned up and freaked out. SOUNDCLOUD

PC Worship "Done"

Seven plus minutes of sludge pop wreckage from this New York City lifer institution. Do you know what will always sound good? Guitar feedback. YOUTUBE

March 25, 2016

Selena Gomez "Hands To Myself"

Number one satellite radio earworm pop insanity pick of the tour. For a second there, I thought the title was gonna go to that one confusing song "7 Years" by Lukas Graham (bars). But ultimately this is much better. YOUTUBE

Problem "My Squad"

You wanna sample Black Box "Everybody Everybody" for your contemporary Los Angeles rap song? Go ahead. Please, go ahead! YOUTUBE

Built To Spill "Carry The Zero"

Played this on a radio show yesterday and was flooded with a wave of emotions. The world is a fucked up place but you gotta just keep going. This is an interesting Boxxx Report. YOUTUBE

T-Pain ""Hundred Mo Dolla$"

Found via a "quoted retweet" on the feed of the ever reliable Costanza. Last year, I saw T-Pain play inside of a large gym in front of a crowd of maybe 50 high school athletes. He gave it 110 percent for those kids and then quickly exited the fieldhouse. SOUNDCLOUD

A Tribe Called Quest "Buggin' Out"

Back to satellite radio, the day Phife passed Combat Jack was on Backspin holding it down and taking calls and playing classic Tribe cuts. It was extremely powerful and a reminder of why music continues to hold such a prominent place in my stupid life. YOUTUBE

March 18, 2016

DJ Wonder (Feat. Sandflower) "Hungry A.F."

Heard this on satellite radio last night driving through Anytown USA. Yeah, this is a contemporary EDM trap cover of "Hunger Strike" by Temple Of The Dog. What more would you ever want out of life and music? SOUNDCLOUD

Mykki Blanco "Macy Rodman Flow"

"Lazy Girl" was a highlight of 2K15 and Blanco keeps the dream alive with this nice freestyle. I'm at a Motel 6 right now drinking Top Chico, which is hard to find in many parts of America but plentiful in Texas. SOUNDCLOUD

Audacity "Hypo"

You know I'm going to love pretty much any song about being a kid and riding on the bus, and Audacity has sharpened that Cali hardcore pop diamond to the point where I can comfortably place them in a pretty high percentile. "We're playing games and we're saving money." SOUNDCLOUD

Fifth Harmony (Feat. Ty Dolla $ign) "Work From Home"

Production sounds like DJ Mustard listened to half a PC Music track and I mean that in a good way. Better work-related chorus than Rihanna, fuck it. YOUTUBE

Bobby Conn "No Revolution"

Currently sliding through this decrepit earth trying to bring brief moments of clarity to the situation. Excited to play with this Chicago rock and roll legend. The beat goes on. YOUTUBE

March 11, 2016

NASA Space Universe "70 AD"

Rest in peace to one of the past decade's best punk bands. First time I saw NASA they attacked the crowd and demolished all these cardboard cutouts of famous astronauts. It was really violent but somehow really fun loving, too. BANDCAMP

Boosie Badazz & C-Murder "Dear Supreme Court"

Heavy one from two former prisonmates. Chorus has a timeless No Limit feel that is always welcome. The forthcoming joint mixtape is going to be serious. DJ SERVICE PACK

Zed Kenzo "Linda Blair"

Another great Milwaukee musician I'm excited to play with in the coming weeks. "Keeping it posi and blowing the dro." OK! SOUNDCLOUD

Angel Du$t "Stay"

Really good poppy hardcore that seems spiritually and sonically in the same zone as their buddies Turnstile. Classic tricks with just enough new flavor to keep me siked. Push it one notch further and then we are really getting somewhere. SOUNDCLOUD

E-40 (Feat. Nef The Pharoah & D.R.A.M) "Slappin"

E-40 and Bob Pollard. Do you know what I mean? The world is a fucked up ball of confusion, but I can always look to E-40 and Bob Pollard. YOUTUBE

March 4, 2016

Midnight Reruns "There's An Animal Upstairs"

Siked to jam in Milwaukee with these real heartland rockers. Last week at a gig, I tried to explain the legend of The Replacements to Cakes Da Killa. I'm obviously out of my mind. BANDCAMP

Tate Kobang "Oh My"

First Kobang single since his continuum-crushing "Bank Rolls" remix. Both tracks give me an early-to-mid 2K's golden age feeling. Timbaland/Neptunes/Baltimore feeling. SOUNDCLOUD

Star Eyes "Lightsaber"

From Trouble & Bass to the fact that the first time we met she brought up Doormouse, there is no doubt in my mind that Star Eyes is a true raver lifer legend. Her new label is called Chaos Clan and this one is timeless stabbing strobing smoke machine music. SOUNDCLOUD

Mal Devisa "FAT"

Mal Devisa's showstopping feature on "2 Lives" by Gods Wisdom was one of the best of 2K14. Her new record is eclectic and exciting and this one is a standout: just over one minute of fuzz bass rap rock sick shit. BANDCAMP

Weezer "L.A. Girlz"

Gotta say, for what it's worth? Pretty good new Weezer song. YOUTUBE

February 26, 2016

D. Gookin "Don't Tell On Me"

The man, the myth, the legend: the D. Gookin. New EP is pure fire insanity IDM sunshine pop, somewhere between Aphex and Len, or something. This one features Jessi Wade of Dark Sister on vox and has a bit of a So So Def swing. BANDCAMP

G.L.O.S.S. "Give Violence A Chance"

Of course I'm fine with political punk, but personally I'm too deeply entrenched in self-hate, doubt and confusion to be righteous about anything at the moment, even if I know where my compass stands. Which is why I'm posting this song. BANDCAMP

Puff Daddy & The Family (Feat. Lil Kim, Styles P and King Los) "Auction"

I love it when Puff goes into old man hip hop freakout mode, he should do a full record of this kinda stuff instead of trying to awkwardly exist over contemporary trap beats. I just wish Kim would've rapped more. YOUTUBE

Extreme Animals "God Jam (Blow Your Pants Off)"

Maybe the most underrated underground band to come out of the hazy 2K's. Narwhalz (Of Sound) once said on twitter that "if you remember 2007 you weren't really there." Anthology soon on Thunder Zone. YOUTUBE

Dreamcrusher "Myrtle Ave-Broadway"

For the past year or so in NYC, Dreamcrusher has been playing every show, jumping off of every stage, yelling in everyone's face and generally being a reliable source of insanity in a scene where a lot of people just stare at their modular synthesizers and attempt to play "techno." Rock and roll wins in the end. BANDCAMP

February 19, 2016

Three Beat Slide "Skip Skip Slide"

Shit! I forgot to post The Boxxx Report today. I only remembered just now, watching this insane video at Jacob's house in Oberlin. YOUTUBE

Kanye West "30 Hours"

Something like Kanye sampling Arthur Russell seems so obvious but only after it has already happened (shout out to Bon Iver). Sometimes when you only get little bits of the saga everything feels that much more monumental. I hesitate to link to this non-3K early version, go get Tidal I guess fuck it? SOUNDCLOUD

Macy Rodman "Landslide"

Great modern Mac cover by Macy. And when the whole thing goes hardstyle? OK! SOUNDCLOUD

The Coneheads "Psycho Killer"

Two cover songs in one Boxxx Report? Why not, there are no rules over here. This is the best Talking Heads cover I have ever heard. YOUTUBE

Snaked "Drink All Nite"

You know that joke everyone has been making forever about how festival EDM is just our generation's version of Sunset Strip hair metal? Snaked have taken that conceit and done something constructive with it. I can see this song getting sync'd in the trailer for Hot Tub Time Machine 7. SOUNDCLOUD

February 12, 2016

Sauna Youth "The Bridge"

New London punk rock coming out of the Upset The Rhythm compound. Sauna Youth is a good band name and this song sounds like it would go over nicely with all the punters in the pit (you know who you are). I don't drink or do drugs but occasionally I will mix PM cold meds with Thunder Zone Energy Drink. BANDCAMP

Macy Gray "I Try (Jay Dee Remix)"

Somehow never I heard this until very recently, when Kyle Mooney posted it on his twitter to celebrate Dilla day. There is so much great music in the world! YOUTUBE

Radio Slave "The Clone Wars (Parris Mitchell Remix)"

Some sick tracky shit from last fall. Don't even get me started on the overwhelming volume of middling four-on-the-floor still being made by young people all over this land. I'd rather just yell at you about my neverending Dance Mania worship. YOUTUBE

Sheer Mag "Can't Stop Fighting"

Sheer Mag pole vault above most of their contemporaries if not only for the very simple fact that their music is straight up more satisfying. They know all the tricks and they know how to use them. They know how to be a good rock and roll band. SOUNDCLOUD

Beyonce "Formation"

The massive amount of conversation surrounding this is to be expected, but I'm obviously not going to get into any of that here for very obvious reasons. What I will say: I like this song and I consider Big Freedia to be a deeply important and influential figure. When we toured Australia together in 2011, she taught me that I need to take care of myself and not be afraid to be a bit of a diva when necessary. YOUTUBE

February 5, 2016

Show Me The Body "Body War"

Contemporary punk rap from some young NYC ragers, always a good thing to catch live. I hear a little bit of a lot in this. More than anything, though, it sounds like kids earnestly trying to make sense of all of their influences in a sick and honest way. YOUTUBE

Ynfynty Scroll "WTH"

Scroll throws contemporary Avril into some kind of dancehall flotation tank. Is it a punky reggae party? I don't fucking know, don't fucking ask me! SOUNDCLOUD

Yo Gotti (Feat. Nicki Manaj) "Down In The DM (Remix)"

Nicki in incredible form, doing strong thematic work on this Yo Gotti hit. Two very good verses. Verses you listen to 20 times in a row as you slam Dunkin' kind of verses. AUDIOMACK

Moro "San Benito"

Sick contemporary clatter from a member of the NON crew. I can't help but think of some of this stuff through the lense of the mutant breakcore I grew up on. I could hear this going off at an Addict Records barn party easy. SOUNDCLOUD

Kid Rock "Picture (Feat. Sheryl Crow)"

Music is a funny thing. It has ruined my life no doubt, but at the same time I probably would've been dead a long time ago without it. All I'm really trying to say is enjoy this classic Kid Rock/Sheryl Crow duet. YOUTUBE

January 29, 2016

Max B (Feat. French Montana) "Been Around The Wave"

Any excuse to post this legendary Max B Daft Punk flip is a good excuse and what is a better excuse then a couple of rappers yelling at each other on twitter? Speaking of twitter... When do I get to grow up? YOUTUBE

SoBrite "Puppy Play"

Am I hearing a vague Odwalla88 influence in this or am I out of my goddamn mind? The answer: maybe and of course. New minimal drum pad punk styles from Atlanta. SOUNDCLOUD

Country Teasers "No Limits"

Classic Scottish spazzboys cover an equally classic tekno pop anthem and the result is some "from the deep archives" madness that I'm going to deem "perfect for The Boxxx Report." I haven't been leaving my room very often. YOUTUBE

Sporting Life "Kira"

Second time Cam'ron makes The Boxxx Report in two weeks? What the fuck is going on? This time around comes in full-on contempo-shredded mode via the Ratking beat guy. SOUNDCLOUD

Rage Against The Machine "Renegades Of Funk"

Sometimes I have no fucking idea why I do The Boxxx Report. Is this thing turning into State Of The Thunder Zone 2.0? Only time will tell. YOUTUBE

January 22, 2016

Dr. Donk "Donkthumpin"

Novelty fake donk/rave "Tubthumpin" remix instaclassic from 2013 that I just discovered. Dr. Donk is really legendary breakcore goon Shitmat. Found via a deep dive on the bandcamp account of the well-named Off Me Nut Records out of Sheffield, UK. BANDCAMP

Cam'ron "U Wasn't There"

Did I pay a little over 60 bucks to go to the Dipset reunion show at BB King's Blues Club and Grill in Times Square last winter? Sadly, yes I did. "U Wasn't There" is timeless Cam'ron, in deep reflective mood, down to the soul sample. YOUTUBE

CCTV "Quiet"

Another good punk band from Indiana! This one is more on that hyper post-punk tip, done with some sick style. "Quiet" leads off a quick 7", available to listen to in full if you just click the link. YOUTUBE

One Direction (Feat. Trina) "Perfect (Remix)"

Trina throws a a couple verses on a One Direction song. Could this be considered rap rock? Yeah, why not. SOUNDCLOUD

Schwarz69 "Both Worlds 69 (Excerpt)"

Leftfield MIDI jazz turn from the one and only Schwarz for the Bahn Mi Verlag label. Gotta say, impressive touch on the drum programming. Very nice sound. SOUNDCLOUD

January 15, 2016

David Bowie "Growin' Up"

With all due respect to The Boss, this cover takes the cake. Can you believe those cowbells? And the little falsetto moments? YOUTUBE

Lord Linco "Lateisha"

New Richmond rap featuring a fire "Gypsy Women (She's Homeless)" sample. You know we are suckers for this kind of thing over here at The Boxxx Report. SOUNDCLOUD

Pinky Rose "Those Three Days"

Totally singular Lucinda Williams cover from 1/2 of Odwalla88. Somewhere between the "American Songbook" and nu-school MIDI damage. But in its own zone. SOUNDCLOUD

Urochromes "My Dickies"

More heat from Boxxx Report repeat offenders The Urochromes. Perfectly spazzed beatbox punk moves: these guys really dot the I's, if you know what I am saying. Throw this on your headphones and plow through winter. YOUTUBE

Dreezy (Feat. Dej Loaf) "Serena"

From last year, but looks like its still picking up steam. Addictive hook and a lot of attitude. Rock and roll forever. YOUTUBE

January 8, 2016

The Creams "Let's (Justin Van Der Volgen Vocal Version)"

Songs like this are the reason why The Boxxx Report even exists. I've played with The Creams a handful of times in their hometown of Osaka and this mix takes the band's essence to the next level. A perfect party song that sits in the cracks between post-punk and ska, between The Slits and The Bodysnatchers. JUNO

Kano "Garage Skank Freestyle"

Soulful and hard as hell. In 2015 some folks said "grime is back" while others argued that it never left. It feels good to not have an opinion on these matters other than to say something like "hey, I love this song, let me put it in The Boxxx Report." YOUTUBE

Galcher Lustwerk "I Neva Seen"

This one has been a slow burner for me since I first heard it in Kallman's room. The vibe is right and the vocals set it over the top. Hip house: it runs in my blood. YOUTUBE

Taeler Mone "Dab On My Hover Board"

Flames straight from the twitter feed of the legendary DJ George Costanza. The title says more than I could ever say about anything. YOUTUBE

Lil Ugly Mane "Drain Counter"

The "pop hit" from the man's newest master suite. It almost feels like cheating to throw this up as a singular tune, I would recommend doing the whole LP in one go. Emotional payoff bigtime. BANDCAMP

December 31, 2015

Total Freedom "Down Actions, Low Key Childish Though TF"

If I were a music writer I might say something like "DJ Total Freedom takes Linkin Park and Kelela to the Favela on his banging new edit" but thank god I am not a music writer because that sentence sucks. I'm watching "The Great British Baking Show" right now, this shit is fire. SOUNDCLOUD

Laffing Gas "Rodeo"

No real year end lists at The Boxxx Report, we are too busy keeping things moving through the endless bleak abyss known as "new music." Here is a pretty good punk song by a band from Indiana that came out sometime in 2015. BANDCAMP

Daphne & Celeste "You and I Alone"

Tundra is back with some legends in tow, regaining rightful space. Sounds a little like something I would've downloaded from an MP3 blog in 2004 and burned onto a mix CD-R. And I mean that in a good way. YOUTUBE

Lil B "Soul Food"

Even though "Thugged Out Pissed Off" just made the 2K15 cutoff, this one from June is already a classic. Follow your heart and be yourself. YOUTUBE

Dogs In Ecstasy "Erase Me"

I know I put it out on my own label, but "Welcome 2 Hell" by Dogs In Ecstasy is seriously slept on by people outside of Milwaukee. This is that hook-filled, MIDI damaged, synth grunge pop insanity that I know you all crave: That Dog meets Mens Recovery Project? I'm losing my mind. BANDCAMP

December 25, 2015

Doormouse "Grandma Got Ran Over By A Kickdrum"

The ultimate legend of Midwest gabber comes out of retirement to throw up this Christmas splattercore instaclassic. This is what I'm playing Xmas morning if I ever have a family (a scary and psycho concept, no doubt). Let the rugrats mosh it out. BANDCAMP

Young Thug "Pacifier"

Young Thug and Mike Will swinging for the fences on this potentially game changing pop song, one of the best of the year. The way the breakbeats cut with the half time drums is monumental, to say nothing of the chorus, which opens up the gate 3K style. SOUNDCLOUD

Girlpool "Ideal World"

Girlpool are a band that's more interesting and straight up better than most of their contemporaries. Listening their latest record takes me into some deep teenage mindstate zone that's gonna take a lifetime to articulate, but whatever, this one's really all about the outro guitar shred payoff moment. YOUTUBE

Rae Srummurd "Tim Westwood Freestyle"

Probably my favorite freestyle of the year. I love the way these guys keep starting to rhyme over each other, like they are too siked to contain themselves. Absolute ecstatic American energy music moment. YOUTUBE

Ten City "That's The Way Love Is (Underground Mix)"

For no real good reason except that it's 1:32 a.m. Christmas Day and I'm feeling insane. The underground mix, of course. Welcome to The Boxxx Report. YOUTUBE

December 18, 2015

Lil Wayne "My Name Is"

Hi kids, do you like Primus? It should be noted that this came out in 2015. The Weezy/Young Thug feedback loop continues. YOUTUBE

Consumer Electronics "Knives Cut"

One of the best pieces of power electronics (or whatever) I've heard in quite some time, care of some UK masters. I could talk about my conflicted and sometimes downright negative feelings I've had about the genre over the years, but the fact of the matter is sometimes the music transcends. YOUTUBE

Taylor Girlz "Woozie"

Over here at The Boxxx Report, we like songs like this. Always have, always will. American dance music. YOUTUBE

Turnstile "Drop"

Hardcore purists will sometimes compare Turnstile to 311 or RHCP as a diss, but to me it's a selling point. I'm excited to see how this band progresses over the next few years. "Nonstop Feeling" is the Juiceboy groove rock pick of the year. BANDCAMP

DJ Shark "Space Beach"

What does it all mean? Let me just enjoy these amens in peace. Can I live? YOUTUBE

December 11, 2015

Odwalla88 "Cool Beat"

Another hit from 2K15-style sampler punx Odwalla88. New rock and roll music, what a concept! Teenagers all around the USA better be starting bands that sound like Odwalla88. YOUTUBE

AraabMUZIK "Outlaws"

I want to go back home and rent a car and drive around really slow (I don't know how to drive). I want to turn off all the lights and start freestyling. The Boxxx Report: Foodie John edition. SOUNDCLOUD

Charli XCX (Feat. Rita Ora) "Doing It (A.G. Cook Remix)"

Might just be my favorite remix of the year; like some long bubbling possibilities realized. Ecstatic pop smashed through the prism. Real talk 101 this song makes me feel like my head is full of helium. SOUNDCLOUD

Neutral Fixation II "Nipped In The Bud"

To my dumbass ears, NF2 (my abbreviation, not theirs) fuck around in the zone between noisey hardcore and straight up freakout rock, delivering on all counts. Eternal basement spazz stomp, feel it in your bones from coast to coast. BANDCAMP

Kamaiyah (Feat. Zay' M) "Out The Bottle"

Absurdly catchy Bay Area rap styles from a rising talent, "How Does It Feel" is pretty damn good too. There is a lot of amazing new music in this world, it is very inspiring but also very overwhelming. The Boxxx Report is not about macho head games, it is simply a celebration of the only thing that makes any sense period. YOUTUBE

December 4, 2015

Bruce Springsteen "Party Lights"

Box set archival action from "The River" era. This one is straight up driving and bleak Anytown USA power pop. Springsteen makes movies. YOUTUBE

Wiki (Feat. Nasty Nigel) "Livin' With My Moms"

Exuberant new coming-of-age music from one third of Ratking, who are a rap groupemphasis on groupin a way that feels special. I love it when rappers talk about their mom, gotta say I do. YOUTUBE

Miley Cyrus "Wrecking Ball (DJ Detweiler Remix)"

I kind of can't believe I haven't posted a DJ Detweiler "flute drop" remix on the report yet, so let's change that. This one is a classic from 2K13. Miley just took Dan Deacon on tour; rainbow rock will never die. YOUTUBE

Eric Bellinger "Squad"

This song earns a slot on The Boxxx Report mostly for the sick screwed Outhere Brothers sample. Sounds like something Slow Jams Band might've flipped in 2K6. SOUNDCLOUD

Palberta "Fuck You"

Quickie scratchy post punk rager in a timeless style with a timeless title and a timeless feel. I often ask myself two questions: who am I and what the fuck am I doing with my goddamn life? Fuck you, I put it in the yard. BANDCAMP

November 27, 2015

Chief Keef "Cashin (Schwarz Bootleg)"

Schwarz gives an important American artist the fucked style new school rap rock treatment on this wild remix. Schwarz on The Boxxx Report: a holiday tradition. SOUNDCLOUD

Spewing Cum "Too Many Cops"

Raging anti-cop hardcore from some kids just trying to write their name on the wall. The beat keeps slamming, people. YOUTUBE

Liem "If Only (Lehult)"

When you go deep enough down the sample trail, away from the source material, you end up with this stripped down house tearjerker supreme. I wanna listen to this on a snowy Amtrak. YOUTUBE

Greydolf x JPG MAFIA "Fireman"

Greydolf is back on "The Report" with an abstracted Wayne cover that opens some new portals. Brand new DIY styles for 2015. YOUTUBE

Little Richard "Get Down With It"

Reason number one million why I've never been able to just press play on a laptop. If you don't fuck with this you are out of your goddamn mind. YOUTUBE

November 20, 2015

Rihanna x Sami Baha "Bitch Better Have My Money (Total Freedom Edit)"

One hundred percent brutal headbanger edit. Hard enough that I felt the need to send it over to Doormouse. SOUNDCLOUD

Sleaford Mods "Jobseeker (Live On Jools Holland)"

I'm not really trying to fuck with live performances for the purpose of "The Report," but I had to make an exception for this one. Sleaford Mods are a monumental punk band. YOUTUBE

Madeintyo "Uber Everywhere"

Obviously the chorus is fire and thematically long overdue, but the whole thing is catchy in a way that makes me want to keep playing it over and over again while I chug Dunkin' and try really hard not to go crazy. Good song. YOUTUBE

JX Cannon (Feat. Barack Obama) "Pop Off"

Cannon wasted no time banging club with the commander in chief, and now it's making the rounds. This is sort of unrelated but I have inside information that Schwarz is working on a mixtape that consists entirely of samples from classic viral videos. SOUNDCLOUD 

Jimmy Edgar "Tik Tok"

Flanged out maniacal jacking action, just the way we like it over here. I would recommend reading that last sentence in a British accent. YOUTUBE

November 13, 2015

Chino Amobi "Roneqah's Theme (Vision of Judgment)"

Auto-tune abstractions flung deep into the zone. Lonely city night paranoia drift in a sick style. YOUTUBE

Missy Elliot (Feat. Pharrell Williams) "WTF (Where They From)"

Rightfully rated right off the bat. Instantly triggers some insane feelings in me related to high school and playing shows and throwing parties. Hard to explain but whatever, this song is perfect. YOUTUBE

Air Pop & Pinky Rose "S4Y 17 41N7 5O"

Great Weezer cover from Air Pop and 1/2 of Odwalla88. Off of the "Mommy" soundtrack, fucking check that movie out. SOUNDCLOUD

B L A C K I E "False Marriages"

The man himself played a brutally emotional set last week in New York City. This song is a favorite of mine (from his 2009 release "Gen") and one piece in a larger puzzle. New American music from a true artist. YOUTUBE

The Exploding Hearts "Shattered (You Left Me)"

I can't help myself! Perfect song, legendary band. Rest in peace. YOUTUBE

November 6, 2015

Total Abuse "DNA Evidence"

More ripping damaged hardcore from a band that has been playing ripping damaged hardcore for almost a decade now. I think I'm going crazy and I wanna punch a hole in my fucking bedroom wall! SOUNDCLOUD

333 Boyz "Gore"

You know I got a lot of love for the 333 Boyz, if you really need proof just do a close read on the Thunder Zone catalog. "Gore" is from the new EP and might just be their sickest yet. Layered and cheeky and emotional, file under "exciting electronica, my dude." SOUNDCLOUD

Seth Bogart (Feat. Kathleen Hanna) "Eating Makeup"

2001-style electronic punk pop from the guy they used to call Hunx and a women who needs no introduction. Hanna pulls off some sick vocal runs on this one, like "Decepticon" sick. Still bummed I was too young to catch that Fischerspooner Starbucks gig. SOUNDCLOUD

Young Thug "She Notice"

It seems like the rapper Young Thug and the cable television program "Nathan For You" are two of the only things people can agree on right now, but why fight it? The world is too fucked up. YOUTUBE

Terry "Talk About Terry"

This is just some quality driving twee from some down under all stars. Here is a thing you should know about The Boxxx Report: I'm gonna occasionally post some twee pop. SOUNDCLOUD

October 30, 2015

Grey Dolf "Louis Waves"

Schwarz put me onto this sick slice of hard-to-classify DIY from Baltimore. This feels new but also instantly timeless. YOUTUBE 

Bruce Springsteen "Held Up Without A Gun"

Can you believe I haven't posted Springsteen on The Boxxx Report yet? Here is a deep cut from "The River" sessions. It is less than a minute and a half long and pretty punk. YOUTUBE

Dillatronic "Dillatronic 34"

Finding unreleased Dilla is always a cause for celebration and here is one from the new 41 unearthed. You better believe I'm freestyling in my room! SOUNDCLOUD

Otobokebeaver "I Hate A Girl Of You Have Foreign Love"

Japanese insanity rock and roll just the way it should be done. Played with these women in Kyoto (late 2K12?) and they blew me away. Title is straight up ripped from Google Translate so take that shit with a grain of salt. YOUTUBE

DJ Lucas and Gods Wisdom "Unprepared"

Listen, I know I've been posting a lot of these two on The Boxxx Report. I'm sorry, I can't help it! This is the new single from the new record, coming soon on Thunder Zone. YOUTUBE

October 23, 2015

Sophie "Just Like We Never Said Goodbye"

I can't help but love this, what can I say, it's in my rainbow rock DNA. This is an eternal pop song wrapped in some nu-school sonics, and for that reason alone it transcends a lot of Sophie's peer group. I wanna hear a pop punk cover of this! SOUNDCLOUD

Gods Wisdom (Feat. Chafu) "Shock"

Gods Wisdom played last Friday at The Thunder Zone Music Academy alongside the equally brilliant DJ Lucas. This is freaked out new American music influenced by a lot of different things but fully in its own zone. I'm a big fan. YOUTUBE

Perth Drug Legend "Jocks Get The Fly Girls"

Deranged and funky techno that features a fucking sample from "I Wish" by Skee-Lo? Sign me up. Thanks Ezra. SOUNDCLOUD

Trina "Hotline Bling (Remix)"

Drake, I hope you are listening. This is the closest you will ever come to making The Boxxx Report. YOUTUBE

Sheer Mag "Fan The Flames"

It's only fair that Sheer Mag makes it onto The Boxxx Report because I've listened to their first EP way too many times over the past year. This cut is from the second one, but just as good. Some of the most addictive and catchy rock and roll in recent memory. BANDCAMP

October 16, 2015

Nots "Virgin Mary"

Eternal synth damaged cave wave action from Memphis ragers. On Goner, of course. The beat goes on. SOUNDCLOUD 

Kevin Gates "IHOP"

From a few years ago but still powerful. Classic American storytelling, feel it in your chest. YOUTUBE

Show Me The Body "Six Fingers Thick"

Reminds me of a lot of things, but this is essentially rap rock. Why are you looking at me crazy? One of the best bands going. YOUTUBE

Private Time "Mr Clean"

The great Annie Pearlman is opening things up tonight at the Thunder Zone Music Academy in New York City. Do not miss this historic event! VIMEO

Why Be "Whalin (Kyselina OST)" 

Slow motion masterclass sound design insanity. How all our lives feel. YOUTUBE

October 9, 2015

Special Request "Amnesia"

Who has been sicker than Paul Woolford over the past few years? I mean, I don't really follow this shit that closely, but not many? This track continues his reign of euphoric breakbeat terror one hundred percent no doubt no question. SOUNDCLOUD

Beatking "Stopped"

I saw the man himself perform this live in NYC for the first time ever last Saturday, at a party thrown by Tryna Function and Mixpak. You better believe there was a mosh pit! YOUTUBE

Bromp Treb "Bagless Shark Stick"

Classic style abstract thickness from Western Mass lifer. I think you could maybe file this under "zoinks noise," but I'm not sure. I'm no expert. BANDCAMP

Faze Miyake (Feat. Sasha Go Hard) "Below Me (Total Freedom's Jezzy Pride Mix)"

America's number one DJ puts an already pulverizing track into the sick style shredder. Is that a Dizzee Rascal sample I hear peaking through the rubble? SOUNDCLOUD

The Real Kids "All Kindsa Girls"

Somehow I fell into buying a Real Kids LP super early in my life; I'm pretty sure I have MRR to blame for that, but I can't fully remember. Regardless, this song is about as good as any song like this could possibly be, and I never sold that record. It's still in my parents basement, chilling. YOUTUBE

October 2, 2015

Kirk the Flirt & Peter Pressure "Teddybear"

Timeless Big Apple jacking moves headfirst into playground field recording sample madness. I wanna listen to this on a bus, any sort of bus. Probably a city bus. SOUNDCLOUD

Nina Ryser "Fine!"

Member of the great band Palberta doing bedroom pop in a classically tweaked style. This one is a late nite burner for all you deep casio heads out there keeping that particular dream alive. BANDCAMP

Fugees "Ready Or Not (DJ Zinc Remix)"

The world is a fucked up place, but 90s jump-up jungle remixes of rap songs are one reason to keep going. One day at a time, people. YOUTUBE

Puff Daddy And The Family (Feat. Pharrell Williams) "Finna Get Loose" 

Fully missed this one when it dropped last summer but I'm glad I picked it up now. Best "Neptunes" production since who knows when, plus you got Puffy and Pharrell swapping their best Chuck D impersonations? What the fuck is going on here? YOUTUBE

Rozwell Kid "Angus Soundtrack Deep Cut"

The title pretty much says it all and you know what? I'm not mad. How could I possibly be mad? BANDCAMP

September 25, 2015

Weezer "Devotion"

Oh, hello, I didn't see you there. My name is Juiceboxxx and this is my report. I call the shots, I do whatever I feel like, please enjoy this devastating Weezer B-side for no good reason. YOUTUBE

Angels In America "Outlaws Of The Marsh"

What if Shirley Manson kicked Vig out of the band and fuckin' went full on trip metal? These are the kind of questions we like to ask over here at The Boxxx Report. SOUDCLOUD

G.L.O.S.S "Outcast Stomp"

This is a punk anthem for our times. Positive and raging, get in the pit and try to love someone. YOUTUBE

Fetty Wap "RGF Island"

Drake will never get posted on The Boxxx Report. YOUTUBE

Macy Rodman "Lazy Girl"

A very universal message in the form of a fun club pop rap tune. Alarm clock material. YOUTUBE

September 18, 2015

Kali Muscle (Feat. Ct Fletcher)"We Pumpin"

This track is included in The Boxxx Report for obvious reasons. If you can't understand them, maybe The Boxxx Report is not for you. YOUTUBE

Bleaker "Hype (Funk)"

More heat from my current favorite family of dance labels. House music can be such a drag—and this is coming from someone who once paid full price to get into The Loft—but this is the kind of shit I will always like. Jacking and nasty, with bonus UK garage sample. YOUTUBE

Dogs In Ecstasy "I'm A Man"

From their forthcoming tape "Welcome 2 Hell," which somehow sounds like a mix between The Rentals and Extreme Animals. Pop rocks from some day 1's, only on Thunder Zone! YOUTUBE

Wench "HBA Galvanize"

15 minute piece starts off with a beautiful Fatboy Slim sample then just keeps going deeper from there. New band from Shayne Oliver and Arca. YOUTUBE

Guerilla Toss "Ritual In Light"

Guerilla Toss are a band that I have been casually following and enjoying for a few years now. There has always been something populist about their funky punky action rock; to some that's probably a dealbreaker, but to me it's a selling point. This new one locks into that demented "Encino Man" groove zone that I crave, and it's on DFA? BANDCAMP

September 11, 2015

Downtown Boys "Wave Of History"

If your punk song has a saxophone, chances are I'm gonna love it! Great band. YOUTUBE

Jammer "Royal Rumble"

There is an absurd amount of emcees on this crazy grime posse cut, twelve to be exact. I would say just watch the video if you wanna know them all because I don't have the energyI exerted it it all moshing around my tiny bedroom like a goddamn jackass. YOUTUBE

Chubz X Menace X Booggz "Phone Ring"

Antwon posted on Facebook, I listened. If you don't like this chorus, I don't really know what to tell you. YOUTUBE

Potty Mouth "Cherry Picking"

Beefy fuzz bass and some fresh spoken verb on the verse; although this is probably getting burn on Siriusxm channel 35 "SiriusXMU," the chorus is tough enough for Siriusxm channel 34 "Lithium." Do you know what I'm saying? I'm obsessed with satellite radio. YOUTUBE

Nasenbluten "I Don't Fuck Around"

It's truly astounding how much middling live electronic-based music made by former indie rockers exists in this f'd up world. As a corrective, please enjoy this gabber classic by Nasenbluten, some of the sickest to ever do it. YOUTUBE

September 4, 2015

Mos Def (Feat. Ski Beatz) "Sensei On The Block"

As someone who has been playing quite a bit of vintage Mos Def at "the kickback," this feels good. Watch as the master paints a picture. YOUTUBE

The Rhythm Method "Local, Girl"

The new single is good, but this one from May might be a classic. Deep, deep conceptual Britpop that I probably don't truly understand, but I think I like it that way! YOUTUBE

MBE "Feeling Good"

I could pretty much post any song from Ezra Marcus's crucial boppin' scene report for Complex, but I'm doing this one and not just because it was the first on the list. This music might be "our" pop punk. YOUTUBE

Snaked "Paul Stanley"

Totally maximal EDM headbanger insanity that would probably sound best in the middle of a parking lot, surrounded by 60,000 neon-clad 19-year-olds. I hope the next one is more rap rock. SOUNDCLOUD

The Necessaries "More Real"

I didn't know that Arthur Russell was in a fire power pop band until around a year ago, after a JB show in Kansas City, when Zach Van Benthausen blasted this song on repeat while lighting bottle rockets out of the window. What can I say? The guy's a legend. YOUTUBE

August 28, 2015

TT The Artist "Gimme Yo Love"

With summer shutting down, here is one of my favorite songs of the season from two key Baltimore figures (yes, I know Schwarz just moved to LA). Ecstatic American dance pop with a timeless hookshove THIS up your "live PA" you nerds! SOUNDCLOUD

Gagakirise and EYE "The Flash"

Japanese action rock heroes and my former tourmates in that great country, Gagakirise are close to my heart. Here they team up with f-ing EYE from f-ing Boredoms for a single on Thrill Jockey. Of course it is sick. YOUTUBE

Butta Da Great "Check A Bag"

Heard this on Power 92 a few nights ago as I was drifting to sleep - it woke me up. Spirt of 77 Chicago mosh pit intensity. LIVEMIXTAPES

Mr One Hundred "Aquazone Riddim"

Paul B. Davis used to be a part of the legendary American multimedia crew Beige, now he makes maniacal power soca under the name Mr One Hundred. This track is perfect for jogging in place, alone at the club. SOUNDCLOUD

Fielded "I Choose You"

Big step forward from a young lifer with heavy roots in the freakout game. This one is a simmering anthem with heavy Joni undertones. BANDCAMP

August 21, 2015

G-Spot "Straight Edge Til 21"

Beyond the great song title, this is 21 seconds of fucked fastcore from some young So-Cal ragers. I don't know, I guess I've just been listening to a lot of Jellyroll Rockheads lately. BANDCAMP

Tate Kobang "Bank Rolls"

Wasn't sure if I should post this or the Tim Trees/Rod Lee original, but the kids win out in the end. This track is pretty much one long hook and under two minutes. High replay value. YOUTUBE

DJ Lucas (Feat. Lucy) "Creme De La Creme"

From the land of J Mascis comes more madness from the Dark World Crew. The chorus on this one has been fried in my head for days. YOUTUBE

Yellow Tears "A Midsummer Night's Cream"

In celebration of 10 years of Far Rockaway's finest, here is a cut off the 2014 Yellow Tears LP "Golden Showers May Bring Flowers." True gargle punk confusion noize; expect the unexpected and bring a goddamn poncho. YOUTUBE

Lone Catalysts "Hot This Year"

Milwaukee's Dope Folks Records continues to churn out high quality rap reissues. This one from Ohio's Lone Catalysts is perfect mid-90s jazzy backpack nice boy nice time music. SOUNDCLOUD

August 14, 2015

DJ Haus "Hot In Dis Muthafucka!"

This is the kinda thing I like to DJ. Classic Dance Mania insanity with just enough Fatboy-fried UK cheekiness to push it into the stoopid zone. SOUNDCLOUD

Urochromes "I Don't Wanna Be Like Me"

Perfectly pissed punk single made even better by use of drum machine. Also, call me crazy, but is that a mild interpolation of the Future "Karate Chop" cadence that I hear around the 0:16 mark? YOUTUBE

Steppe "Whip It Left Right"

Just a great summertime USA dance song. You might catch me listening to this while walking around aimlessly, cursing myself. YOUTUBE

Alexis Penney "Leave The World To Burn"

B-Boy house flourishes executed with a delicate touch. Emotional but still floor ready from two legends in the making (Nick Weiss on production). Years ago, Alexis once stayed at my house in Milwaukee and I tried to sell her on the Grateful Dead. BANDCAMP

Sporting Life "Badd"

What do you people want from me? I'm a sucker for a loop like this. Through all the fractured Amens and 808 blasts, the chop stays timeless. SOUNDCLOUD

August 7, 2015

Wolf Eyes "Enemy Ladder"

A straight up rock and roll banger from one of the most legendary bands in USA freakout history. 20 years deep and they keep getting sicker. Essential American punk rock. SOUNDCLOUD

OMI "Cheerleader (Felix Jaehn Remix)"

Instant wedding conga line insanity classic and one of the most subtly punishing drops in recent memory. Rapping grandma on the dancefloor. YOUTUBE

Dow Jones And The Industrials "Can't Stand The Midwest"

I saw Blaque Chris post this on his Facebook so I checked it out. Great power pop songs are made better when they are under two minutes long and even better when they are about how much you hate your home town. YOUTUBE

Odwalla88 "22"

The most exciting new band in underground Americana. Playing this Saturday at Burning Fleshtival in Far Rockaway, Queens. Not to be missed. SOUNDCLOUD

Lil B x Chance The Rapper "First Mixtape"

Hard to pick one track off of this very inspirational mixtape. This one makes me think about being a kid and falling in love with hop hop for the first time. But it's still new. SOUNDCLOUD